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The Daily Clipper - How will you remember Chris Paul?

Chris Paul and his legacy, some more of Blake Griffin and his shooting ability and a possible Steve Nash rumor.

Kelvin Kuo-USA TODAY Sports

Where would you put Chris Paul in the all-time NBA list of greatest players? Is he in the same category as the likes of John Stockton for being one of the best Point Guards to play, but to never win a ring? Or would you throw him into the Isiah Thomas and Gary Payton category?

In an article over at Basketball Insiders they discuss on how the likes of Chris Paul and Carmelo Anthony get buried in "all-time best" arguments. Yes, they're still playing the game, but it's not very far fetched to say Chris Paul may go down as thee best Point guard to have touched a basketball.

NBA Sunday: Chris Paul and Carmelo Anthony’s Looming Legacies | Basketball Insiders | NBA Rumors And Basketball News

"I'm done (dunking). Done," Griffin joked after the Clippers 112-94 loss to Golden State on Tuesday. "Last year. I'm hanging 'em up. You got to find the clip and just play it on a loop."

Of course you'd like to see him and DeAndre Jordan continue the legacy of "Lob CIty," but can you really complain that Blake is finally finding a grove when it comes to shooting the ball? If he can become the hybrid that I(and I'm sure many others) have been waiting for, we won't complain all that much. Besides, I can't see Blake letting DJ have all the fun when it comes to dunking.

Clippers' Blake Griffin has confidence in improved jumper | FOX Sports

Blake showing a ton of confidence when it comes to shooting now can really do a wonder for the game.

"It’s just the confidence really, when I’m open I’m going to shoot it," Griffin said. "Because you just feel it’s going in. But I’m not strictly a jump shooter now. I still got to do the things I used to do, the things that got me here."

Another great article over at the Washington Post about Blake's improved shooting ability and a few hints that he may not actually be done dunking.

Los Angeles Clippers’ Blake Griffin not done dunking, but jumper is improving - The Washington Post

Matt Barnes to be honored at the 2014 Gala of Champions for the awareness he has brought through his foundation(Athlete's vs Cancer) for children with chronic illnesses. Villain on the court, hero in the streets.

CoachArt to Honor Walt Disney Company Executive Vice President Kevin Mayer and Los Angeles Clippers Player Matt Barnes at the 2014 Gala of Champions

Doc Rivers rescheduling the Clippers' preseason game so the Kings could honor their players on National Television? He has his reasons.

This game was originally scheduled for Wednesday, and [Kings President] Luc Robitaille called Doc Rivers during the summer and said, "Is there any way you guys can move this game so we can have our national TV game on Wednesday night and give out of championship rings to our players?"

Doc agreed to trade nights with the Kings, but said, "I want to have tickets to that game for my players. We want to see that presentation of the rings. That's something I want my guys to get used to, and get a sense of what it's like to have a ring ceremony, because we hope to have one next year ourselves."

Seems as if Doc is about as serious as Ballmer is about chasing Larry.

Doc Rivers bringing Clippers players to LA Kings ring ceremony -

Steve Nash doesn't exactly know or not if he will be able to play next season due to health, but if he does, he said he'd like to stay in Los Angeles. If the Lakers' find themselves not getting much out of him this year and choose not to re-sign him in the next season, could you see the Clippers' taking a shot?

Lakers Rumors: Clippers Might Gamble on Steve Nash : Trending News : Realty Today

That just about does it for today Daily Clipper, but I leave you with two questions: How do you feel about the Clippers' maybe giving Nash a shot at backing-up Chris Paul? Any comments on the Chris Paul "greatest" debate?

Until next time!