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The Daily Clipper – The Enigma Edition

This Clipper team just can't seem to figure it out for any sustained period of time. Following up a win against the Suns, the Clippers played terribly against the Bulls sans Rose and Gasol. Will they ever get it together?

Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

Clippers coaches push to make Chris Paul more aggressive - LA Times
They are constantly yapping in Chris Paul 's ear, urging and pleading with the Clippers ' All-Star to be more aggressive.

Matt Barnes finds way to make adjustments - Los Angeles Clippers Blog - ESPN Los Angeles
Matt Barnes is going through a lot off the court, but may be starting to figure it out both on and off.

Steve Ballmer's Clippers purchase: Don't write off tax-break potential - LA Times
Steve Ballmer, who bought Clippers for $2 billion, could seek as much as half of that price in tax breaks, experts say.

Computer Science Faculty To Increase by 50 Percent with Ballmer Gift | News | The Harvard Crimson
Thanks for the gift Ballmer!

L.A. Clippers Can Be Saved by Coach Who Built Them | Bleacher Report
You can look at every Doc the Exec move and point back to another one that caused it to happen. It's all interconnected, one bad decision after another. And Doc the Coach can't be happy with what his counterpart has given him.

The Best NBA Players Win 50 Or More Games By Their Third Year

A look inside Jordan’s new private basketball venue, situated in an airplane hangar in West Los Angeles | ProBasketballTalk
The invitation-only space is intended to be a home for Chris Paul and Blake Griffin, similar to the way the Terminal 23 space in New York City is a place for Carmelo Anthony to call home, just steps away from Madison Square Garden.