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The Weekend Clipper — Still Undefeated Edition

Some news and notes to get you through your weekend.

Stephen Dunn

Some good news to start off: Matt Barnes and his ex might still be on decent terms.

"Basketball Wives" star Gloria Govan says a reconciliation with L.A. Clippers star Matt Barnes is NOT out of the question ... telling TMZ Sports the split with her estranged hubby is "definitely amicable." Matt separated from Gloria earlier this summer with sources telling us "trust issues" played a part in the split.  So far, neither Matt nor Gloria have filed for divorce.

Now, Gloria tells us the two are still on pretty good terms -- "we're dope" -- and says they're working together extremely well to co-parent their twin boys. It's an interesting turn of events ... considering Gloria is being sued for allegedly forging Matt's name on official documents to take out a secret $150k loan. Gloria also says she expects to get together with Matt this weekend to help the kids celebrate Halloween.

Hopefully things are going well for them and their family. Meanwhile, Blake continues to look for ways to improve his game.

Besides working hard on his shot with his shooting coach during the off-season, Griffin ventured into a different realm more than usual.

"I think this summer I watched more film than I ever have before, just to kind of break down things and try to see things from a different perspective," Griffin said. "I hope it will be put to good use. Really, the only thing about it is that mental side. Going into games knowing, ‘OK, I tried this, I tried that. Let me try this.' And really becoming more of a mental player and really being cerebral about things I do."

Griffin has always had brawn, now he's trying to become more brainy. It's called growing up, if you will.

Here's Ben Bolch on Lakers-Clippers, featuring a tremendous lede:

The Clippers spent part of last weekend giving out food and supplies at a community center in Los Angeles.

Their charity work continued unexpectedly Friday night at Staples Center.

Apparently making the Lakers resemble a team worthy of an NBA logo during the season's first week is a new tradition in the Hallway Rivalry.

We'll cut things a little shorter than usual today; here are a few more links. A brief Doc Rivers interview on Fox Sports where he discusses meditation.

Nylon Calculus has more on all the awesome new SportVU data available to play with, news that'll probably make some of you squeal with glee.

And finally, Billboard talked to a few NBA players about their go-to pregame songs nowadays. Some takeaways: Chandler Parsons listens to Sam Smith before games, Jeremy Lin listens to Christian music all the time. And Jamal Crawford is a huge Wale fan...