Clippers Drawing Fast in 3-Point Shooting......

I have a strong feeling that our 3-point shooting "experiment" is here to stay.

Although the season is still very young, I can see a bright future for our 3-point shooting with JJ, JC, Hawes, Turk, CP3 leading our squadron of 3-point assassins with BG, Bullock and Wilcox doing internship. Most of the 3 pointers the Clips were missing were wide-open shots, which mean that the designed plays are giving them the right opportunities. thus, more 3-points shots coming! Now the big challenge is to convert those 3-point shots. In the long run, I can see this benefiting the team because 3 point shooting has now become a lethal weapon for a championship team, case in point, San Antonio. I want to believe that we will be seeing more converted threes raining in Clipper Nation in the very near future.

In most of Doc’s interview, he seems to be very patient with the team when it comes to 3 points shooting and it’s making sense. While our win/loss column could suffer, the benefits could outweigh the current temporary set backs. Patience then is needed and although everybody wants to break the 57-25 record of last year, this might only be secondary and the bigger goal of being a good 3-point shooting team could be one of the priorities in the marching order of the coaching staff, defense and rebounding included of course!

I will not be surprised of a Jamaal trade in the future for a top wing defender coupled with a big push by Doc for Ray Allen. This is a big hole that needed to be addressed if the Clips want to go all the way to the Promised Land.

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