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The Daily Clipper - "Trust Issues" Edition

The Clippers sail past the Magic; look forward to the Heat, talking trades, and the Clippers "trust issues."

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Hello all. There's not a lot for today, but here's somethings that may strike up a debate or concern:

Trust is the glue that binds all good basketball teams together. It's the string that connects the five players on the court and makes sure they're playing as one.

Trust issues plaguing Clippers early - Los Angeles Clippers Blog - ESPN Los Angeles

The Los Angeles Clippers have some bad habits they need to stop, much like the kids in elementary school who would continuously bite their nails, cover their hands in glue or would get caught picking their nose in class. Bad habits are pretty easy to form but not as easy to break—especially if you were the kid in school doing the above but never realized it until the entire class was pointing and laughing at you. That kid is the Clippers. Despite Doc Rivers’ pleading or pundits such as myself writing articles on everything the Clippers are continuously doing wrong, bad habits are hard to break. The first step toward eliminating bad habits is to figure out what they are.

Breaking Down the Los Angeles Clippers' Bad Habits Early in the Season | Bleacher Report

A few recaps of last night's game against the Orlando Magic:

Jamal Crawford had 22 points and Chris Paul added 16 points and nine assists as the Los Angeles Clippers beat the Orlando Magic 114-90 Wednesday night.

Crawford, Paul Lead Clippers Past Magic, 114-90 « CBS Los Angeles

Matt Barnes got the first unit going, hitting his first three 3-point shots, and the Clippers’ bench extended leads in the second, third and fourth quarters. With Jamal Crawford (22 points on 12 shots), Jordan Farmar (13 points) and Spencer Hawes (10 points) dominating the game, the Clipper starters got to watch the fourth quarter from the bench – a first this season.

Final: Clippers 114, Magic 90 - The Orange County Register

There's a gap between "the Clippers could use a trade" and "the Clippers must make a trade to reach their goals." The Clippers, if everything were to click and go right, could win a title with this group. But their odds are going to go way, way up if they do add that wing player.

The Clippers could use a trade -

That about does it for today, but as always I leave you with a question(s).

How do you feel about the Clippers' trying to make a trade and how do you feel about these so called "trust issues?"