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Griffin shot chart versus Orlando

Blake Griffin was not hitting his jumper versus the Magic, but he was very successful in the paint.

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

I hesitate to even mention this, and I'm going to put a big caveat on it. Random things happen in individual games, so you should never take the results of a single game and generalize too much from them. For every game that shows x, I can find another that shows y, so it's always better to look at broader season and career trends.

Having said all of that, for those of you in the "Blake Griffin should stop taking jump shots" camp (another reason I'm hesitant to mention this, as I'm not exactly of that opinion), the Orlando game is pretty much exhibit A.

Take a look at Griffin's shot chart from Orlando:

griffin shot chart

He was 8-18 in the game. He was 1-8 outside of the paint, 7-10 inside of the paint. That's a big difference.

As it happens, I didn't have any problem with the jumpers Griffin took against the Magic. If anything, I felt like he was too hesitant to shoot (the one make came late in the game, so I believe he was ohfer seven at one point, which will mess with your confidence).

But he was so successful on the inside, you could certainly argue that he should have gotten more than ten shots in the paint.

Griffin's jump shot is clearly a weapon. It keeps defenders honest, setting up the drive. Finding the right balance of jumpers to drives is going to be an ongoing process. Not to mention that the best players take what the defense gives them -- they don't insist on one thing versus the other. So there will be games where the mix is skewed. But if defenses do indeed play him straight up, honoring the jumper, it would be great to see Blake taking the ball to the basket more than he has in the first three weeks.