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TWiCH: The Definition of Mozgoved

This Week in Clippers History: Is this baseball or basketball, adios Danny Ferry, mirages, a Clipper killer, and Mozgoved!

Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

It is Thursday, and that means time to look back at the history of our favorite team, the Clippers. This week was interesting, and there are many great stories that took place, but as always, we will focus on just 5. So here you go, TWiCH: This Week in Clippers History!

As always, we will start with the TWiCH record, which is the combination of wins and losses that occured this week, during the history of the team. And, unfortunately, this weeks TWiCH record is not pretty:

TWiCH Record



Braves Beat Royals

Before we get into Clippers history, lets look at this wonderful historic baseball matchup. This week in history, the Braves beat the Royals 102-98. Wait? Is that score correct? Oh, my bad, this is a basketball matchup. This week in Clippers history, the Buffalo Braves (who would become the Clippers) beat the Cincinnati Royals (who would later become the Kings). The Braves were lead by Walt Hazzard, who would later become Mahdi Abdul-Rahman. Too many name changes!


Bye Bye, Danny Ferry

In one of the smarter moves in franchise history, the Los Angeles Clippers traded Reggie Williams and the draft rights to Danny Ferry to the Cleveland Cavaliers for Ron Harper and 3 draft picks (who would become Loy Vaught, Joe Wylie, and Elmore Spencer). The Clippers got 2 key components to their early 90's back-to-back playoff appearances, while only giving up Danny Ferry, who refused to play with the Clippers, and Reggie Williams, who never lived up to his promise.

The timing of the trade was perfect, as the Clippers would have 4 days off until their next game, which would give the team some practice time to integrate Harper into the offence.

The key piece in the trade, Harper got off to a great start with the Clippers, averaging 23 points per game, but his season was cut short by a serious knee injury (torn ACL). He would come back and play 4 more seasons with the Clippers, averaging 18.4 points, 4.6 assists, and 1.9 steals per game for his entire time with the team.

The big prize for Cleveland was Danny Ferry, who would go on to spend 10 seasons in Cleveland, while averaging 7.8 points, 3 rebounds, and 1.4 assists per game.


Clippers Get Off to Strong Start

The Clippers got off to their best start in 20 years, starting the season with 6 victories, and only 3 defeats. Things were looking good for the no-name Clippers (Loy Vaught, Brian Williams, Terry Dehere, Pooh Richardson, Rodney Rogers, Brent Barry, etc.). But the quick start was just an illusion, as the team would go on to lose 11 of their next 12 games, en route to a 29-53 season.


The Birth of a Clipper Killer

On November 15, 2008, Clippers fans learned to fear the name, Anthony Morrow. The undrafted rookie out of Georgia Tech, got his first NBA start against the Los Angeles Clippers. Warriors coach Don Nelson decided to start Morrow, so he could have Stephen Jackson guard Baron Davis. Morrow exploded against the Clippers, scoring 37 points on 15 for 20 shooting (4 of 5 from 3 point range) and grabbing 11 rebounds, leading the Warriors to a 121-103 victory.


Ladies and Gentlemen, Introducing, Blake Griffin

Four years ago this week, a new word was introduced to the English language: Mozgoved. Per Urban Dictionary, the definition of Mozgoved is:


To deliver or be the subject a monstrous 10.0 richter scale dunk by Blake Griffin (usually on a pick and roll). Named for the first instance of such a dunk where Blake Griffin totally posterized Timofey Mozgov, then of the New York Knicks.

Every Clippers fan jumped out of their seat and screamed, as they witnessed this:

And this:

Blake Griffin had his coming out party, and chose the perfect opponent to do so, the New York Knicks. All us fans on the west coast have come to the realization that there is an east coast bias. Many people on the east coast don't want to stay up until 1:30 in the morning to watch basketball (I give those who do props, because, from my experience during the playoffs last season, while on vacation in St. Thomas, it is mighty difficult). So, the fact that this explosion happened against the team located in the city that never sleeps, made it even more special.

Griffin would finish with 44 points, 15 rebounds, 7 assists, and enough Sports Center highlights for the night, but the Clippers would lose, 124-115, and fall to 1-13 on the season.