BLITZKRIEG, the "Lightning War"

Blitzkrieg means "lightning war". A tactic that is based both on speed and surprise supported by light tanks units supported by "flying" planes.

If there is one word that described the Clippers attack on the first quarter last night, its Blitzkrieg...speed, surprise, light tanks and flying planes. The result was simply devastating and the effect on the opposing team was that of total confusion and paralysis.

Doc’s "beautiful" cannot give a full picture of what it was. The pace was very fast and yet controlled. The ball and the player movements were choreographed perfectly. If DJ did a Picasso last Wednesday, the starters did a Michelangelo last night...Lob City reborn and resurrected!

Great inspiration comes rarely and there is only one Mona Lisa. But this indeed was a great work that is to be cherished and enjoyed!

Thank you Doc and thank you Clippers!

Beware though of Memphis version of Blitzkrieg:

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