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The Daily Clipper - No Excuses Edition

The Clippers douse the Heat, Ken Berger says there's "no excuses" for the Clippers, and the defense is finally making an appearance.

Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

Hello all and sorry for the late post on this. A few mix-ups happened, but here are today's links!

What has made the Clippers rather confounding is that, despite relatively low roster turnover and a second year under Doc Rivers' watch, they haven't looked like a team benefiting from that continuity. They haven't looked like a team, frankly, that is better than last season's version. Two games into this road trip, the results would make you believe the Clips are indeed finding themselves. Yet comfortable wins against the Orlando Magic and Miami Heat on back-to-back nights haven't exactly settled every concern in the town once known as Lob City.

Clippers still searching for accurate gauge - TrueHoop Blog - ESPN

The defensive prowess the first two games of the road trip comes from a Clippers team that was allowing teams to shoot 50 percent through the first few games of the year. That number’s steadily decreased, but prior to the Heat game, they were still allowing opponents to shoot 45.7 percent from the field and 36.1 percent from 3-point range.

Defense Ramping Up Early On Road Trip | Los Angeles Clippers

A few game recaps from last nights game:

Paul had 26 points and 12 assists, Griffin added 26 points, and the Clippers wasted no time in taking control on the way to a 110-93 win over the Heat on Thursday night.

Los Angeles Clippers vs. Miami Heat - Recap - November 20, 2014 - ESPN

The lobs were in heavy supply in the first half for the Clippers. The team had six alley-oop baskets — four by Jordan, one by Griffin and one by Matt Barnes. Jordan finished the game scoring all 12 of his points on dunks.

Florida brings out the fun in Clippers as they beat Miami, 110-93 - LA Times

And a rather different article written on the Clippers from Ken Berger over at CBS Sports. *Written before last nights domination against the Heat.

It's way too early to panic, but the Clippers team that the nation will behold on Thursday night has been underwhelming. The worst part is, they have no excuse.

What's the Clippers' excuse? They don't have one -

And apparently Sterling is a big fan - The players hate his guts. The coaches hate his guts. The fans hate his guts ... but Donald Sterling is still a HUUUGE Clippers fan -- so says his wife…

Shelly Sterling -- Donald's Still a Huge Clippers Fan ... We Want Rings!!! |

That's about it for today. I hope everyone enjoys their weekend and is safe.And as always here is a few questions to draw debate or concern.

What are your thoughts on Ken Berger' post on the Clippers and do you think the Clippers defense is for real or will it eventually go back to what we've been seeing so far this season?