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TWiCH: Happy Thanksgiving Edition

This Week in Clippers History: Hazzard, Quintin, half court shots, the Clippers are blog-less and David Courtney

Tim DeFrisco/Getty Images

Happy Thanksgiving Clips Nation. As we celebrate the things we are all thankful for, I wanted to wish everyone a happy and safe day.

It's Thursday, which means time for another look back at the history of our beloved franchise, the Clippers. In this weeks edition of TWiCH, a Hazzard, a Quinten, a 50 ft buzzer beater, a life without a Clippers blog, and our PA announcer. Enjoy!

TWiCH Record: 55-89


Walt Hazzard Leads Braves to Victory Over Former Team

In July of 1971, Walt Hazzard was traded along with Jerry Chambers from the Atlanta Hawks to the Buffalo Braves for Herm Gilliam and Don May. In Hazzard's first game against his former team, he scored 30 points on 12 for 15 shooting, to lead the Braves to victory, 102-97.


Clippers Offer Quintin Dailey a Contract

Here is a little bit of trivia:

How many players named Quintin/Quentin have played in the NBA?

The answer is 3.

How about another one:

How many teams have had all 3 players named Quinten/Quentin play for their team?

The answer is 1

This week in 1986, the Clippers offered troubled former Chicago Bulls guard Quintin Dailey, who had drug issues during his 4 seasons in Chicago, a contract. He would eventually reach an agreement to sign with the team on Dec 10, 1986, and would join the Clippers on Dec. 30. Dailey would last 3 seasons with the Clippers, starting 63 games and averaging 13.7 ppg.


Clippers Lose on Half Court Buzzer Beater

Instead of me describing it, just watch this video:

On the bright side for the Clippers, Ken Norman became the Clippers (not including the Buffalo years) all time leading scorer, passing the 5,404 mark set by Benoit Benjamin. He would hold on to that title until 1997, when Loy Vaught overtook him.


Is This Where Steve Got the Idea for Clips Nation?

In 2005, TJ Simers wrote an article in the LA times about the lack of a blog on the LA Times website. As we all learned from Steve's wonderful radio interview on The Beast 980 with Fred Roggin, Steve started the ClipsNation blog around 2006. Interesting.


RIP David Courtney

On November 29, 2012, longtime Clippers, Angels and Kings PA announcer, David Courtney, passed away from a pulmonary embolism. David Courtney was one of the best PA announcers out there, as evident by the fact that not just 1 or 2, but three teams covited his services. His shoes were pretty much impossible to fill, and he has been missed by Clippers, Kings and Angels fans since.

Enjoy the starting lineups from his final game with the Clippers, November 26, 2012:

And enjoy these videos of him announcing lineups for the Angels:

And Kings:

Alright, that is it folks. I hope you enjoyed this weeks edition. Be sure to check back every Thursday for new editions of TWiCH. Have a wonderful and safe Thanksgiving!