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Fantasy Friday: My FanDuel Lineup

Thomas Wood flopped in his first two FanDuel shots. Can he find a winning strategy?

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After a self-aggrandizing first post in which I touted my own fantasy skills like a circus barker, it was natural that my first two forays into the FanDuel daily format would smack me back down. I sabotaged my first tournament entry by not noticing that Jose Calderon had yet to play, booking a big fat zero at one position, one that I had allocated some real money to. My second entry was in the SB Nation staff tournament. I finished an embarrassing 31st out of 39. I let the Clips Nation name down. Kevin Martin gave me nothing against the Pelicans, and my end-of-bench gambles on Cody Zeller and Isaiah Canaan went bust.

Humbled, I present to you my entry into tomorrow night's $1K Friday NBA Double Up. It's a $2 entry and is limited to just 558 competitors. That's important, because I don't want to finish 29,000th again. I have a salary cap of $60,000 to split among nine players (PG, PG, SG, SG, SF, SF, PF, PF, C). FanDuel establishes a 'salary' for each player like a bookmaker sets a line, considering a player's performance to push you to a tough budget decision. Adding to the difficulty, FanDuel doesn't allow for the fudging of positions, so Anthony Davis can only be a PF. Scoring categories are as follows: point = 1 point, rebound = 1.2 points, assist = 1.5 points, block = 2 points, steal = 2 points, turnover = -1 point.

Devin Harris

Raymond Felton and Jameer Nelson should be out, so Devin Harris will have the privilege of getting open shots off the pick and roll as Dirk Nowitzki pulls all defenders his way with the sheer magnetism of his shooting prowess. Because he's just a day-to-day beneficiary of injuries, FanDuel has Harris slotted at the low, low price of $3,900. Cha-ching.

Jeff Teague

Look at the scoring rules. Scoring rules. (Haha). In his last four games, Teague has scored 23, 28, 28, and 24. He's $7,100, $400 cheaper than Brandon Knight, one guy I'm afraid of passing on. I'm not sold on Knight in real life, but in fantasy he's been solid, grabbing rebounds and steals at high rates in addition to your typical point guard points and assists. Teague scares me because he's a rim scorer and the opposing Pelicans will put the arms and legs of Anthony Davis and Omer Asik in front of him. But he saves me $400, which will be important later.

Jamal Crawford

The only Clipper I chose for tonight, Crawford has been Clipper Red hot this week. I'll pray that JC sees more Harden than Ariza. Crawford is always a tough play in a daily tournament because of his streakiness, but at just $6,000, I'll shoot for the upside and save up for a big catch at another position.

Giannis Antetto...Antetokun...Antetokom...The Greek Freak

He's playing all over the hardwood floor, but FanDuel has him as a SG, and I like his potential for rebounding and defensive stats in comparison to smaller players, even if his numbers are underwhelming. At $5,600, he's another low-price upside play, but Giannis has been thievin' extra of late, with all but two of his steals coming in the past seven games.

Kawhi Leonard

I acknowledge that I am disproportionately smitten with the reigning Finals MVP because I watched him eviscerate the Clippers, but I've been stacking my lineups with players who can fill every stat column, and that's Kawhi. SF is weak tonight, especially with Rudy Gay likely out, and Kawhi only cost me $6,800. He's a star AND a veritable steal.

Andrew Wiggins

This choice was dictated by one of my 2014-2015 fantasy basketball rules: always pick against the Lakers. I'll hope for a point total built upon the fast break and a rebound total built against a poor rebounding Laker squad. I considered Corey Brewer because of his edge in steals, but thanks to Kobe's total unwillingness to pass, turning over the ball is one basketball faux pas the Lakers manage not to commit.

Anthony Davis

His approximate per game totals: 25 points, 11 rebounds, 2 assists, 3 blocks, 2 steals, 1 turnover, 56% shooting. Worth every bit of his $11,800, which FanDuel keeps increasing but can't make high enough. OK then, moving on...

Markieff Morris

Has anyone noticed that this Morris has stepped into Channing Frye's old spot and produced? Markieff has hit double digit points in 11 of 14 games and upped his career steal and assist rates. At 27%, he's a far shout from Frye as a 3-point shooter, but since his overall FG% is a solid 49.8%, I'll ignore the 3-point misses and count any made ones as gravy. He's also playing against the Nuggets, an abominable team he flat torched on Wednesday night. Second 2014-2015 rule: always pick against the Nuggets.

Tyson Chandler

Perhaps the primary reason some NBA scribe named Dallas this season's true Lob City, Chandler is a bargain at $6,200. Center is as stacked as it has been in many seasons, but having spent big on Anthony Davis, I have to cut in other places. Chandler will give me points, rebounds, blocks, and an atmospheric 68% FG rate thanks to all those dunks.

As always, head over to FanDuel to register and play their NBA fantasy games.

Disclaimer: Even though this is a sponsored post with affiliate links, all of the opinions in this post are my own. And as an FYI, FanDuel gave me some cash to play its daily fantasy games.