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Regarding an email some of you have received from Clips Nation

A ticketing email regarding the Minnesota game appears to have been sent in error.

Robert Deutsch-USA TODAY

I've been made aware of an email several of you have received in the last day or so regarding Clippers tickets. The email has a return address of my clippersteve account, but I did not send these emails. As far as I can tell, these emails were sent in error, probably by an automated email generator used by the Clippers group sales department.

The email reads in part:

We want to remind you that you have x tickets to see: 

Minnesota Timberwolves
at STAPLES Center 
Mon December 1, 2014 7:30 PM 

Seat location: 
Sec xxx, Row xx, Seats xx-xx 

If your tickets were lost or damaged, you can reprint your tickets by visiting the link below. 

We hope you enjoy the event! 

Clips Nation

We held a Clips Nation Night on December 1, 2012, two years ago, tickets for which were purchased through group sales. The erroneous email has been sent to people who attended that event. It seems as if this email is confusing tickets purchased in 2012 with tickets purchased for the Minnesota game this Monday, December 1, 2014.

If you have received such an email, you should ignore it. I did not send it. I did not secretly purchase Clippers tickets for 100 of my most loyal readers as a nice Thanksgiving surprise, as much as you might like to think I did. I have forwarded this info to the Clippers group sales department to see if they can help us get to the bottom of the problem. Regardless, unless you yourself purchased tickets to the Minnesota game, please don't show up at STAPLES Center on Monday expecting seats provided courtesy of Clips Nation, because they won't be there.

My apologies for any confusion this email may have caused.