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The Daily Clipper – RIP Gobert Edition

The Clippers have had a shaky start to their season, but started to show some life going into their bay area matchup Wednesday night. Also, please send your condolences to the family of Rudy Gobert after DeAndre posterized him last night.

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Among the different power rankings that came out on monday, many of the expert picks have dropped the Clippers expectantly after their lackluster play. ESPN has the Clippers ranked 8th, Yahoo Sports has the Clippers ranked 7th, CBS Sports has the Clippers ranked 11th (classic Matt Moore), and Sports Illustrated has the Clippers coming in at 7th.

Five takeaways from the Clippers' 98-92 loss to the Sacramento Kings - LA Times
Here are five takeaways from the Clippers’ 98-92 loss to the Sacramento Kings on Sunday at Staples Center

This Set Play From The Clippers Is Beautiful And Unfair
The Clippers lost to the Kings 98-92 yesterday, but they came out ahead on style points after running one of the prettiest plays of the young season late in the fourth quarter.

LA Clippers Can't Afford to Stumble While Western Conference Door Is Open | Bleacher Report
An article by Fred Katz on how the Clippers need to capitalize on their chance to win the west.

Clippers' Glen Davis to play Wednesday - Los Angeles Clippers Blog - ESPN Los Angeles
LOS ANGELES -- Los Angeles Clippers forward Glen Big Baby Davis, who has been out since Oct. 17 with a right groin strain, will return for Wednesday (to destroy Steph Curry).

Ballmer's high-energy ways helping Lob City soar more |
Long, interesting piece by David Aldridge on Steve Ballmer and his work and relationship with the Clippers.

Steve Ballmer’s New Game - WSJ - WSJ
The former Microsoft chairman and CEO says these days he’s focused on his basketball team, the Los Angeles Clippers. But he still answers questions about his legacy at Microsoft, and whether he was innovative enough.

Blake Griffin on Halloween: 'My mom never let us go trick-or-treating' - LA Times
When Clippers superstar power forward Blake Griffin was young, he didn't have the typical childhood experience of putting on a costume and going door-to-door getting candy on Halloween .

Blake Griffin got help from J.J. Reddick with clutch free throws in Thursday’s win over Thunder
J.J. Redick wants some kudos for Griffin’s clutch two. "I think it’s a big step for (Griffin)," said Redick, whose team took on the Lakers on Friday at Staples Center. "Him and I were talking earlier in the game. I’m going to take credit for those two free throws. I gave him a pointer. I’m not going to say what it was. ... He came to me and I just gave him one little thing and it went in."

Doc Rivers agrees his players are too demonstrative on the court toward referees
Rivers on Monday was queried as to whether he believes his players are being too demonstrative on the court with the referees. There was no diplomacy in his response. "Probably, yeah," he said ahead of his team’s game against the Utah Jazz at Staples Center. "Well, (Sunday), I think as a team we were, for sure. We’ve got to get to playing. You know, I’ll do all the antics if they need me to do them. "But I just think the players have to play. I just find it very difficult to play and ref. I think that’s really hard to do. I think we’ve gotta pick one or the other."

The Mid-Range, Contested, Pull-Up, Early-In-The-Shot-Clock, Shot Selection Heartbreakers - Nylon Calculus
A very interesting piece that looks for mid-range shots that came after at least one dribble, with a defender four feet or closer and eight seconds or less elapsed on the shot clock from last season.  "Also, can we stop and recognize the ability of Jamal Crawford to turn silliness into something special. He made nearly 60 percent of these shots, twisting the old adage to "garbage in, diamonds out." Maybe those Jamal hero shots are actually really good shots?