Blake’s Jump Shot...a Fool’s Gold?

When Blake BECAME a dominant big that WAS unstoppable inside LAST YEAR, it made sense to develop another weapon in his arsenal, a jump shot ala Karl Malone. The idea is to create more space not only for him to operate but also for others to fill up the space created as well.

Blake being Blake has no problem whatsoever in sharpening his new found weapon, even added a 3 point jump shot which wowed the pundits who at once were heralding him not only the number one player in that position but a serious candidate for MVP.

The problem is Blake’s jump shot is not battle-tested. And to be a really effective he has to sharpen this weapon during actual games. Not only that, but there need to be designed plays to allow him to execute and the Clippers did and happily adjusted their offense. One just has to see how often they pass the ball to Blake outside the post and how many jump shots he takes to note how much the Clips have adjusted their offense and who the focused of the offense is.

Practice makes perfect, but in actual games there are real opponents who are not as friendly as compared to playing your teammates during practice games. Thus, actual results will be all over the graph. Until acceptable consistency is achieved and to build confidence, patience is needed not only for Blake and the staff but also more importantly for his teammates, add the fans.

Blake is getting a lot of wide-open shots and when they are not falling, he gets back to the post doing ISO game but most often ending not deep enough so he has to work hard to position himself better and be effective. Also, when his shots are not falling, he hold the ball longer (just like before) and it takes time for him to decide whether to pass or to shoot. Other than bail out passes, I have yet to see Blake acting as a ploy distributing the ball to teammates taking advantage of created open space for better shots. I can see spectators standing around admiring Blake’s shot as if he is Kobe.

The result? A stagnant offense, which is very predictable and not fluid with players scrambling for shots just to beat the clock.

It does not help when JJ, JC, Hawes and CP3 are missing shots and they have been missing a lot!

I don’t know if it was frustration for Doc not to call a time out last night when his team is floundering or was it an act of masochism?

But whatever it is, Doc was right when he said the Warriors are much better than the Clippers (for now) and not only the Warrior, the next 4 games will tell.

Home court for the next 4 games, definitely helps.

It will, right?

And what kind of adjustments are the the Clippers making?

Are there any?

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