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Blake Griffin named West Player of the Week

Blake Griffin of the Clippers was named the Western Conference Player of the week this week, posting averages close to 24 points, 10 rebounds and 5 assists while leading the Clippers to a four wins.

Tim Fuller-USA TODAY Sports

The NBA today announced that Blake Griffin was the Western Conference Player of the Week from November 24 through November 30. Griffin averaged 23.8 points, 9.8 rebounds and 5 assists in leading the Los Angeles Clippers to a 4-0 record during the week. And can I just say, big deal?

I did like the 16 rebounds he grabbed versus Charlotte -- that was very nice. But nights of six and seven rebounds are not what they should be. It's really a testament to just how good Grififn can be that the NBA can say he was the best player in the conference, and all I can think is how much better he could have been.

I will say that his passing, which was always terrific, was at another level during the road trip. On that center pick and roll, when he gets the ball at the free throw line with a 4 on 3 advantage against the defense, he's got great options for passes, and he sees them all. Whether he hits DeAndre Jordan for the dunk or a three point shooter behind the arc, somebody is open and Griffin is finding them. (Actually, one thing that Griffin needs to do better is score in that situation when he's the open man. At times the defense as fallen back into the passing lanes, leaving him an open 10 footer -- that's a tough in between shot for a big, but he needs to work on it and take it when it's there.)

Obviously Griffin was great this week. He was scoring efficiently, particularly when his jumper was falling as it was in Utah. But he can definitely continue to improve, especially on the boards. Hopefully Blake is like me and not satisfied with this honor.