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The Daily Clipper– Lob City Anniversary

The Clippers are commemorating the 3 year anniversary of the Chris Paul trade and the start of Lob City. Catch up with all the news from around the web.

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Paul reminisces being traded to Clips 3 years ago | FOX Sports
"We were at a team appearance. Blake and I didn't know we were being recorded," Jordan said. "That's how the whole 'Lob City' thing started. We were really excited. Still are. "I said, 'I think we just got Chris Paul.' He was like, 'what? Oh, CP3, we're about to get lobs!' I was like, 'yeah, it's going to be good.' Chris has helped us so much, our growth, both me and Blake, even our whole team, the organization. With him, we shot up to a different level."

Paul sure remembers the day after that trade. "I got a ticket the next day I got here for driving and talking on my cellphone," Paul said. "I didn't know it was hands-free. I told him I just got traded. They didn't care. I do remember that."

Chris Paul's CP3.VIII shoes prove up to the task in wear test - NBA -
Don’t misconstrue that statement, it’s a great-looking shoe, but there’s a definite emphasis on performance, with subtle touches adding the individuality. A family tree hides on the inside of the tongue, and the Chevron logo, which has appeared on each of Paul’s sneakers to date, paying homage to his grandfather, a gas-station worker.

Breaking Down Blake Griffin's Recent Upswing in Production for LA Clippers | Bleacher Report
We're still not seeing Griffin fully prioritize his inside game. His percentage of attempts taken inside three feet remains a career low by more than seven percentage points. It's no coincidence that his true shooting sits at a career low with his free-throw rate at an all-time valley as well.

Notes: Griffin Moves Into Top 5; Paul Trade Anniversary | Los Angeles Clippers
Griffin didn’t make much of it, apart from calling Manning a great player, saying he’s not on the team to break records. He said he was unaware after the game that he’d gone into the top five in team history, now with 7,122 points. He needed 17 points to pass Manning and got 18 on Monday, also adding seven rebounds and assists. But even if he didn’t make much of it, his head coach thought it was notable that Griffin managed to accomplish that feat at just 25 years old. "That says a lot," said Doc Rivers. "It says Blake is a great player, No. 1. It’s amazing he’s fifth at 25 and he missed one year. When you think about that, that’s remarkable. It just says how great he is."

Clippers Try To Push Through Tiring Stretch | Los Angeles Clippers
Head coach Doc Rivers knows that can’t happen with the stretch coming up, as the Clippers get two games at home, a day off and four games in five nights. After that four in five, the Clippers need to travel from Atlanta straight back home to get ready for Golden State. "It stays hard until after Christmas for us with all the travel," Rivers said. "We go all the way back and play this game Monday, which will be brutal. But I’m sure everybody goes through something like this. We’re just going through it now. We’ve got to be mentally tough enough to pull it in and see what we have to do."

Los Angeles Clippers: A Wing Stopper
Opposing small forwards are averaging 21.2 points per game against the Clips, per, which is the third-highest mark in the league. The Clippers are coughing up the fourth-highest three-point shooting percentage to opposing 3s (.401) and the eighth-most three-point attempts per game (6.2).

Jordan Farmar still trying to find way with Los Angeles Clippers - ESPN Los Angeles
"I've been on him and probably riding him harder than anybody right now because I think he has that in him," Clippers coach Doc Rivers said after the game. "Forget the offense. I just thought Jordan Farmar got into the ball, picked the ball up full-court and that turned his energy on. That's what I've been on him about. I tell him, 'You're going to play 20 minutes. There's no reason to save it.' I thought he was great. His defense changed the game."

Gallery: The Work | The Players' Tribune

TV ratings are down for Clippers and Lakers - LA Times

The Clippers' ratings decline seems a bit more puzzling given their 113-91 victory over the Detroit Pistons at Staples Center on Monday gave them a 17-7 record, a slight improvement over their 15-9 start a year ago. This represents the next-to-last season of the team's contract with Prime Ticket, which pays the Clippers $25 million to $30 million a year.