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TWiCH: It's Gonna Be Lob City Baby!

This Week in Clippers History: Braves beat Lakers, Harper can't be stopped, Clippers can't score, Iguodala's buzzer beater doesn't count, and someone with 2 first names joins the Clippers!

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Hey everyone. As Larson Ishii pointed out earlier this week in the Daily Clipper, this week is a very big week in Clippers history. This week was the start of the current era of the Los Angeles Clippers, and we will cover it in more detail here. But there is more to Clippers history than this week in 2011, so let's look at some other things, before getting to the big story of the week. First, as always, let us take at the TWiCH record:

TWiCH Record: 63 - 80 (44% winning percentage)

And now, the stories that took place this week, in Clippers history:


Braves Beat Lakers, 113 - 111

This week, in 1970, the Buffalo Braves beat the Los Angeles Lakers, 113 - 111, for the first every victory over the Lakers in franchise history. The Braves were lead by Bob Kauffman's 34 points, and had 3 players score over 20 points (Kauffman, Dick Garrett, and Don May), while the Lakers were lead by Jerry West (27) and Wilt Chamberlain (25).


Ron Harper Has Back-to-Back 39 Point Games, Both Clippers Victories

Going into this week in Clippers history in 1989, the Clippers record stood at just 7 - 12. But Ron Harper played out of his mind for 2 games this week, and lead the Clippers on a mini 3 game winning streak, beating the Detroit Pistons, Denver Nuggets, and Indiana Pacers. During the streak, Harper would average 31 ppg, 6.7 rpg, and 6 apg. Unfortunately, the Clippers could not sustain the winning, and would drop their next 3 games. They would finish the season with a record of 30 - 52.


Clippers Set NBA Record, Fewest Points Scored in First Half

This is not a record to be proud of. But, as many of us long time Clippers fans are well aware of, there are many records the Clippers have held that are not too great. The Clippers were matched up with the Lakers on December 14, 1999, and could not score in the first half (especially in the 2nd quarter). On the bright side of this game, 2nd year man Michael Olowokandi looked good against Shaquille O'Neal, making a few nice hook shots. Check out the video below for some highlights of the first half (Sorry it is Chick Hearn and Stu Lanz):

Did anyone listen around the 1:25 mark? Did Chick actually call Shaq, Kareem? I know people loved Chick Hearn, and he was one of the best at his craft, but I can remember many times that I heard him call players by the wrong name.


Clippers Win in OT, Helped by Replay

In this game, the Clippers and 76ers were tied and the 76ers had the last possession of the game. The Clippers would almost steal the ball from Andre Iguodala, only for him to regain control, and put up a long 2 point prayer for the win, just as the buzzer sounded. The ball went in the hoop, and the 76ers celebrated the victory. But, the refs, using the new ability to check replays for buzzer beating shots, called the shot off, as the replay showed that the ball as not completely out of Iguodala's hand before the buzzer sounded. The Clippers would go on to win the game in OT.

Here are the highlights of the game:

Prior to the game, there was an article in the Los Angeles Times about the struggles Elton Brand had experienced since leaving the Clippers in 2008.


It's Gonna Be Lob City Baby! Clippers Trade for Chris Paul

Just a few days earlier, the Lakers made a trade with the Hornets, acquiring Chris Paul. But David Stern, influenced by some of the owners in the league, vetoed the trade, using his authority due to the league owning the Hornets at the time, stating that the trade was not in the best interest of the Hornets franchise. The Clippers, having just missed out on the trade a week earlier, moved in quick, and secured the trade, sending Eric Gordon, Chris Kaman, AFA, and the pick that would turn into Austin Rivers to the Hornets, in exchange for Chris Paul. When Blake Griffin and Deandre Jordan found out, let's just say they were excited.

The Lakers were obviously upset, feeling that David Stern overstepped his authority when he vetoed the initial trade. With the news that Chris Paul was joining the Clippers, Chauncey Billups, who had been picked up off amnesty waivers just a couple days earlier, stated that he was all in with the Clippers, and things started to take shape in ClipperLand. CP3 joined his teammates a couple days later in practice, and the Clippers showed off their newly constructed team at an open scrimmage at the Galen Center.

Fans were excited, as the chanted "CP3" as Paul addressed the crowd. Things were looking up for the Clippers, as the media hype train gathered full steam. Even TJ Simers had some good things to say about the Clippers. A couple of nights later, the Clippers would defeat the Lakers in the opening exhibition game. Here are the highlights:

So there you have it. This Week in Clippers History. I hope you enjoyed taking a look back at the Clippers news of the past. Remember to check back every Thursday for more TWiCH!