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The Daily Clipper - The West Just Got Tougher Edition

Another week has come to an end, but the blockbuster deals are just beginning! Here are some news to get you through the day.

"C'mon Doc, put Lamar in!uh, wait..."
"C'mon Doc, put Lamar in!uh, wait..."
Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Our own Steve breaks it down:

Rondo to the Mavs and the West gets deeper - Clips Nation
The West has been by far the better conference for many years now, and the trade of Rajon Rondo from Boston to Dallas only makes the disparity greater.

BDL's insight here:

How does Rajon Rondo fit with the Dallas Mavericks? | Ball Don't Lie - Yahoo Sports
From Yahoo Sports: The Mavericks are trying to become a favorite, not just a fringe contender.

In other Clippers-centric news:

Injury Report: Hawes Clears Up Knee Rumor | Los Angeles Clippers
Rowan Kavner LOS ANGELES – Spencer Hawes didn’t hear the rumor until he got a phone call. "My financial advisor called me and told me I was out for the season," Hawes said. "No, no, no, that’s not the case." Hawes refuted a report Wednesday that he could be out for the year with his knee injury, but the bone bruise is actually healing well and Hawes said he’s now able to walk without a limp.

Crawford not bothered by trade rumors - Los Angeles Clippers Blog - ESPN Los Angeles
LOS ANGELES – Jamal Crawford has heard his name come up in enough trade rumors over the years that he’s almost numb to it at this point.

Matt Barnes finds way to make adjustments - Los Angeles Clippers Blog - ESPN Los Angeles

Los Angeles Clippers’ DeAndre Jordan in full beast mode in December

DeAndre Jordan has always been a beast of a defensive player for the Los Angeles Clippers, and he has certainly been in that mode during the month of December.

Rivers Could Rest Players In Upcoming Stretch | Los Angeles Clippers

The quantity of games in the coming stretch could lead to time off for some Clippers players.

Clippers have variety of ways to combat Denver's altitude | FOX Sports

The Clippers play the Nuggets in Denver on Friday (starting at 5:30 p.m. on Prime Ticket) and the squad is ready to play the altitude games.

Chris Paul Is Los Angeles Clippers’ Top All-Star Candidate | RantSports

Chris Paul is once again putting in a great season. He will make his eighth all-star team.

FOX Sports live games and streaming video | FOX Sports Go
Found out in during the Clippers' last game that FOX Sports has an official app. This is great for those Citizens on the go or those stuck at work during those east coast tip-offs (like me!). Download and enjoy!!

The Association Promo: Los Angeles Clippers |

A look inside a Clippers practice and the impact Coach Doc Rivers has made on the team.

Lawler: Farmar is the key to the Clippers bench " The Beast 980
The longtime voice of the Los Angeles Clippers, Ralph Lawler joined The Home Team to talk about the team's win over the Pistons, saying that it was the energy and effectiveness of "the B team" that helped them to victory.

Clippers' star Chris Paul and comedian Kevin Hart put the fun in giving back | FOX Sports
Clippers star Chris Paul and popular comedian Kevin Hart teamed up Tuesday to teach children an important lesson in giving and receiving.

Doc Rivers wants Chris Paul to shoot more - LA Times

Clippers point guard Chris Paul is what they call a true point guard -- he always looks to pass first.

Even if he's with the Warriors, I have a soft spot for Shaun Livingston.  Great story:

Rehab Diaries: Shaun Livingston | The Players' Tribune
I’ve never considered myself a superstitious person, but I think I’ve become one. I’ve never watched the tape of my knee folding like Gumby against the Charlotte Bobcats on Feb. 26, 2007. And I won’t. I can’t watch replays of any injuries.