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The Daily Clipper – Showdown Week

This week the Clippers have a series of tough showdowns against elite teams, having lost last night against the Spurs and with the Hawks, Warriors, and Raptors still to come. Showdowns are even happening off the court as Blake films his latest commercial.

Soobum Im-USA TODAY Sports

Blake Griffin's newest "Showdown" Commercial

Top Five Plays Of The Week – 12/15/14 | Los Angeles Clippers
For the Clippers, a highlight-reel is typically all about the dunk. Last week was no exception, as Blake Griffin and DeAndre Jordan skied high for some electric finishes against the Pistons, Pacers, Nuggets and Bucks. Here are the top five plays from last week.

Has Stephen Curry Surpassed Chris Paul as the NBA's Best Point Guard? | Bleacher Report

With Paul on the floor, the Clippers have torched their opponents by 13.5 points per 100 possessions. When he has sat, L.A. has been outscored by 8.8 points per 100 possessions. That's the difference between a league-best net efficiency rating and a mark worse than 28 of the 30 NBA teams. Without question, Paul makes his teammates better. DeAndre Jordan is shooting 82.1 percent off passes from Paul. Jamal Crawford has cashed in 63.6 percent of his two-point field goal attempts set up by Paul. As a team, the Clippers shoot 49.0 percent from the field off Paul's passes, more than a full percentage point better than their season average of 47.8.

DeAndre Jordan wants to get Doc Rivers a supply of green tea and cough drops for Christmas | For The Win

For Christmas, Jordan said the team plans on doing a Secret Santa exchange. It’s something he acknowledges is hard when you’re shopping for a group of guys who really has everything. For Blake Griffin, he said he would get him a fathead of himself to hang on Griffin’s wall. And for Rivers? "A lifetime supply of green tea or cough drops because he’s always yelling at us," he said.

5 Statistics That Are Defining Los Angeles Clippers' Season so Far | Bleacher Report

There are five key statistics that corroborate what is visible when watching the Clippers play, analyzing their final scores and measuring wins and losses. These statistics tell the story of why they're struggling and point to areas that are either strengths or areas for improvement.

Clippers' hectic schedule means practice falls by the wayside - LA Times

Clippers Coach Doc Rivers cited the lack of practice time in his team's repeated slow starts, though he has opted to continually give players days off between games during busy portions of the schedule.

J.J. Redick says L.A. Clippers need to play with urgency

"We still have time, but there needs to be a sense of urgency. There is no let up for us and we have to find ourselves in the upcoming stretch."

Notes: Hawes Update, Lineup Mixes, Tough Schedule, More | Los Angeles Clippers

Hawes said the limp is gone and the range of motion in his knee has returned almost completely. He also said he’s "kind of past the stage" of pain when he walks, although it can be intermittent. Head coach Doc Rivers said Hawes is shooting and running some now and thinks the backup center is a lot closer.

The NBA in 2014: Donald Sterling exits, Steve Ballmer arrives - LA Times

A review of the NBA in the year 2014