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Fantasy Friday (Saturday Edition): Chris Paul the Scoring Point Guard

Chris Paul is shooting and scoring more lately. But is he doing it at the cost of valuable assists?

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So, there's this:

Chris Paul's aggressiveness plays role in Clippers' win over Warriors

And this:

Paul's new role in the Clips offense

As well as this:

Doc Rivers wants Chris Paul to shoot more

As for the results, it's so far, so good. Paul is averaging 21.6 points per each of the last six games. Is it better for the Clippers on-court success? That's a debate for another piece -- a non-fantasy piece. Is it better for your fantasy team?

FanDuel scores assists at 1.5 points, 50% higher than points (as in point points). In the admittedly small six-game sample, Paul's scoring has come at the natural cost of some assists.  His assist percentage has dipped from 41.8% to 38.1%.

Has it been a total wash? Is his total fantasy value the same? Not so far. See, he's using more total possessions. His usage rate has risen from 22.0% to 24.6%. So he's not taking his shots from his assist opportunities. He's just being more aggressive in his shot selection, hoisting it up for looks he used to pass up.

He's scoring substantially more while losing just half an assist each game. All of this is making Paul, already a steal machine, an even more valuable fantasy piece. Maybe the Clippers' lineup isn't better for it. But your fantasy lineup will be.

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