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The Daily Clippers - Udoh Book Club Edition

The Clippers showing some Magic, The good ole Pick-and-Roll, and a 6-game winning streak.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Hello all, here are today's links.

It may actually be more about what Paul’s not doing, and that’s committing turnovers. Paul’s the only NBA player with at least 160 assists and 26 turnovers or fewer through 17 games of a season since turnovers started getting recorded in 1977.

Paul Off To Historic Pace Handling The Ball | Los Angeles Clippers

It's a typical Clippers practice, and Doc Rivers wants all five of his players in motion, so he has his team run a half-court exercise where they can't set any pick-and-rolls. But every time Rivers calls for the drill, Griffin loses focus and finds himself initiating a pick-and-roll with Chris Paul.

How the Clippers' Chris Paul-Blake Griffin Pick-and-Roll Has Dominated the NBA | Bleacher Report

A few recaps on last nights game against the Orlando Magic:

Blake Griffin scored 21 points and J.J. Redick had 20 before both sat out the fourth quarter, and the Los Angeles Clippers won their sixth straight, beating the undermanned Orlando Magic 114-86 on Wednesday night.

Clippers Rout Magic 114-86 for 6th Straight Win - ABC News

Chris Paul turned in a typical performance, scoring 19 points on only 10 shots to go with 10 assists and five rebounds.

Final: Clippers 114, Magic 86 - The Orange County Register

Much to the delight of its members, Ekpe Udoh's book club is a work of nonfiction, though even its creator sometimes finds himself in mild disbelief over the concept.

Clippers' Ekpe Udoh opens the book on interacting with fans - LA Times

There's some Clippers news in here, but dedicated to everything NBA. If you don't already follow this round-up from CBS Sports, I'd highly recommend it.

Five-Star Review: Philadelphia finally wins, Monta sinks Milwaukee -

The New England Patriots and Justin Bieber decided to visit the Clippers locker room the other night, tonight they have another guest; LA County native(really Fontana native, but he claims LA County) and Blink-182 Drummer, Travis Barker.