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Fantasy Friday: J.J. Spells Shooting Guard

The Clippers' shooting guard is coming into this weekend's games hot.

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December is just a week old, and the local LA weather is just starting to turn, uh, less warm. It's California cold, which means I've been putting on my peacoat to turn my collar against the biting 60 degree air. A couple days ago it rained a few inches, and while Seattle might just call that Tuesday, I call it havoc. Thanks for screwing up my traffic and not ending our drought, rain.

There's one man, though, who is oblivious to this turn in temperature. J.J. Redick, the Clipper who puts the 'shooting' in shooting guard, is averaging 21 points in his first two December games. He's converted 14 of 22 from the field and 8 of 12 from three-point range.

The Clippers have only faced the Timberwolves and Magic, so we're not talking about the 2004 Pistons defense here, but Doc Rivers has clearly noticed that his offense works better when J.J. is heavily involved. Clippers writers have noticed too, as Twitter was awash in "J.J. propels the Clippers offense" this week. This sounds eerily familiar to something I remember reading before the season. Hmmm..... Clippers Player Profile: J.J. Redick.

Sorry for the shameless self-back-patting digression. This isn't entirely new for the Clippers, as Doc clearly had something like this in mind when he decided to trade both cap room (4 years/$28 million) and valuable asset(s) (Eric Bledose, Caron Butler sorta) in Redick. Redick's shooting opens the floor for Chris Paul and Blake Griffin to unleash their wicked pick and roll game, and his off-ball movement ensures that the offense stays well-lubricated.

Despite all this, I hadn't identified Redick as much of a fantasy contributor, because frankly, he hasn't been one. He's still just an bench option in deeper standard leagues (ones that run for the duration of the season), but I would absolutely give him a look in daily formats like FanDuel.

Ride him while he's hot and the matchups are favorable. Saturday night's game against Anthony Davis and the Pelicans may look harrowing, but Redick's not as dependent on the paint shots that New Orleans has been built to defend. In fact, Doc may rely more heavily on J.J. as a means of drawing Davis away from Blake inside. Monday night brings the Phoenix Suns and their 4th-ranked offensive pace to town. You know that the Lob City Clippers are happily drawn into up-and-down contests, and Redick's stats should benefit via trailing looks on the break.

J.J. Redick is producing at his highest level since joining Doc's offense. He may never be Ray Allen, but for the next few games, you'll get something pretty close.

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