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Clippers-Spurs injury updates

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Coach Gregg Popovich is shutting Tony Parker down until further notice, beginning tonight against the Clippers. Ginobili will play, while Splitter and Leonard are game time decisions.

Jeff Gross

If you wanted to see a full strength San Antonio Spurs team in their final meeting of the regular season with the Los Angeles Clippers, it's not happening. If you were hoping that the Clippers would catch a break and play a weakened Spurs tea that many other rivals have seen lately, you got your wish.

Arguably the most important Spur, All Star point guard Tony Parker, will not play tonight, according to Gregg Popovich via Spurs beat writer Mike Monroe.

Interestingly, Parker really wanted to play in the All Star Game on Sunday, and did appear for 11 minutes, but is apparently not healthy enough for an actual NBA game.

Monroe has the latest on the myriad other injured Spurs as well.

So there you have it. The Spurs could be down three starters, though both Tiago Splitter and Kawhi Leonard could play. And sixth man Manu Ginobili will play but will have a minutes restriction coming back from a hamstring injury.

Of course, Patty Mills scored 32 points in 25 minutes for the Spurs ten days ago, so you never take the Spurs lightly, even an injured Spurs team. Everyone who puts on that ugly uniform is completely bought into Popovich's system and they will execute you to death if you're not sharp. The Clippers' task certainly got easiER with Parker out, but it will by no means be easy to beat the Spurs.