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Clips Nation Trade Deadline open thread

With the trade deadline looming, the Clippers are rumored to be in the market for another big, which is exactly what they should be doing.

Tom Szczerbowski-USA TODAY Sport

The trade deadline talk is beginning to heat up, so let's concentrate the comments on this thread. There's nothing particularly specific or concrete on the Clippers so far: really just stuff that we all could have predicted. For instance, Ken Berger tweeted:

This is more or less what we've been saying for months. The Clippers obviously need front court help, but they don't really have much to offer. They have a few too many mediocre small forwards, so Jared Dudley or Matt Barnes would be the most logical ones to go -- but it's unclear who out there is in the market for a mediocre small forward.

The Clippers do have the additional consideration of the luxury tax. If they could shave $2M off their payroll, they could get under the tax threshold. They appear to be motivate solely by getting better and giving themselves the best chance to win this year -- and that's great. But it's worth asking if the smarter long term play would be to avoid the tax. With Chris Paul and Blake Griffin both signed to big money deals for four more seasons, the Clippers will be hard pressed to avoid luxury taxes in coming seasons. With repeater tax penalties a possibility in the future, a chance to get under the threshold can't be completely ignored.

Still, this roster is pretty close to being able to really compete -- and it seems like the goal for the next two days will be to look for one more piece in the front court to see if they can improve their chances.