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NBA Trade Deadline -- open thread

The NBA trade deadline is today and noon Pacific time. Will the Collison-for-Shumpert trade happen? What will other contenders do? Will the Clippers get a big? We'll find out in the next five hours.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

This is shaping up to be a fairly quiet trade deadline with relatively few big names on the move, but then again it seems like we say that every year and then it gets crazy.

The Lakers sent Steve Blake to Golden State last night (the Warriors have been looking for a backup point guard all season) and already this morning the Sixers have sent Spencer Hawes to Cleveland for two second round picks (which brings them even further below the NBA's salary floor so keep an eye on Philadelphia today).

The Clippers were in the middle of Darren Collison to the Knicks rumors yesterday, with Iman Shumpert being the primary piece coming back. Whether the Clippers will also take Raymond Felton and what else they're willing to give up seems to be at issue. The Clippers are not going to give up Reggie Bullock for so little payoff, but are probably open to a Collison-and-Matt Barnes for Sumpert-and-Felton trade.

Finally there's the question of a competent third big. The Clippers have an obvious need and would love to trade for a big that can bolster their bench. Hawes was an interesting candidate there and now he's gone. It's not clear whom else they might target.