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Tuesday night, Feb. 25, in the NBA

There are seven games in the NBA tonight, including three that will be of particular interest to the Los Angeles Clippers as they watch the scoreboard.

Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

There are seven games around the league tonight, three of particular interest to Clips Nation. The early games have already tipped, including the only one on national TV (NBATV) or local TV in LA (Time Warner Sports) but unless you are into watching the Lakers get humiliated (and hey, I'm not exactly against it) there's not much reason to watch them lose to the Pacers in Indianapolis.

Toronto at Cleveland, 4:00 PM

LA Lakers at Indiana, 4:00 PM TWC, NBATV

Orlando at Washington, 4:00 PM

Chicago at Atlanta, 4:30 PM

Portland at Denver, 6:00 PM

Minnesota at Phoenix, 6:00 PM

Houston at Sacramento, 7:00 PM

A little later on, the Trailblazers (currently a half game ahead of the Clippers in the standings) will face the Nuggets in Denver, the Suns (third place in the Pacific Division) will host the Timberwolves and finally the Rockets (also a half game ahead of the Clippers) travel to Sacramento. The Rockets are coming into STAPLES Center tomorrow night, so let's hope that the Kings can give them a good game and at least make Harden and Howard work hard, even if they can't actually beat them.