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Friday night, Feb. 28, in the NBA

There are seven games in the NBA tonight. The ESPN double header features the Clippers two closest Pacific Division rivals as the Warriors face the Knicks and the Suns host the Pelicans.

Casey Sapio-USA TODAY Sports

Just under half of the NBA is in action tonight, including some important games in the Western Conference. In fact, it's a West heavy night, with 10 of 15 West teams, including six of the top nine, in action.

Utah at Cleveland, 4:30 PM

Memphis at Oklahoma City, 5:00 PM

Golden State at New York, 5:00 PM, ESPN

Chicago at Dallas, 5:30 PM

Charlotte at San Antonio, 5:30 PM

Sacramento at LA Lakers 7:30 PM

New Orleans at Phoenix 7:30 PM, ESPN

If you've got League Pass, the game of the night is definitely Memphis at Oklahoma City. The Thunder have lost three straight for the first time this season, all of them at home. They were 23-3 in their first 26 homes games this year -- they're 0-3 since then. By the way, did I mention that all three losses have come since Russell Westbrook returned from injury? Westbrook doesn't actually make the Thunder worse -- at least not in any permanent sense. They are struggling to re-integrate him into the rotation, not to mention that he has been very rusty. But they have to get him back, right? Right?

They Warriors will be in New York to face the Knicks in the first game of the ESPN double header for those of you who didn't spring for League Pass. The Warriors have struggled some lately, but the Knicks have been even worse.

Watch the late game on ESPN if you want to do some scouting of Clipper opponents. The Clippers face the Pelicans tomorrow night and then travel to Phoenix for their next game, next Tuesday, and those two teams will face each other tonight. Both teams could be without their best player, as both Anthony Davis (shoulder) and Goran Dragic (ankle) are game time decisions. If either of those guys misses the game tonight, throw the scouting report you make out the window, as they completely change their teams. And even if they miss this game, each will likely be back against the Clippers.