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Redick, Crawford Practice as Clippers Get Healthy

The Los Angeles Clippers had both of their best shooting guards back at practice today.

Yesssss! I get to practice!
Yesssss! I get to practice!

After a horrible stretch of injuries to their guards, the Clippers are finally getting healthy.  There are five true guards on the roster: Chris Paul, J.J. Redick, Jamal Crawford, Darren Collison, and Willie Green.  However, they haven't had all of these players available in a long time.

Chris Paul, one of the Clippers' best players, missed 18 games with a shoulder injury in January and February, but is healthy now.  He always seems to get banged up during games, and he's nursing a few minor injuries right now.  These 4 days off from games are surely a welcome break.

Redick missed 21 games in December and January with a wrist injury, and then returned for only 13 games before going out again with a back injury.  There were worries that this injury could have cost J.J. his season, but the fact that he's getting back to practice today is a good sign that the Clippers were just being overly cautious.

Crawford has sat out 8 of the last 9 games with a calf injury, but seems set to return on Saturday.

Collison has been healthy all season, but had a stomach virus that caused him to miss the last two games.

Willie Green, the last guard on the depth chart, was forced into the starting lineup due to injuries ahead of him.  Even he, however, was injured, and had to leave Tuesday night's game against Denver with an apparent ankle injury.

It's possible that the Clippers will have their full backcourt rotation available on Saturday against the Pistons.  After winning 11 of their last 12 games despite the untimely injuries, hopefully LAC can be even better through the last stretch of the season as they get healthy