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Western Conference Standings Watch: March 26

As we head into the 2014 NBA playoffs, the final games of the season hold a lot of weight as seeding battles come down the wire.

Jennifer Stewart-USA TODAY Sport

The Mavericks did the Clippers a huge favor last night, besting the Thunder in overtime on TNT to give OKC their 19th loss of the season, moving them within two losses of Los Angeles.

My apologies that this thread was not up earlier at it's usual time, but I just got home for the first time all day.

Here are the standings as of the start of tonight's games:

Seed Team Record Games Remaining
1 San Antonio Spurs 54-16 12
2 Oklahoma City Thunder 52-19 11
3 Los Angeles Clippers 50-21 11
4 Houston Rockets 48-22 12
5 Portland Trail Blazers 45-27 10
6 Golden State Warriors 44-27 11
7 Memphis Grizzlies 42-28 12
8 Dallas Mavericks 43-29 10
- Phoenix Suns 42-29 11

Tonight's games involving potential Western Conference playoff teams:

Suns: @ Wizards, 4:00 PST

Clippers: @ Pelicans, 5:00 PST

Spurs: vs. Nuggets, 5:30 PST

Grizzlies: @ Jazz, 7:30 PST