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Clippers have the road blues lately in a good way

Although their official road uniform is red, the Clippers have worn blue in seven of their last nine road games. Why? Because they're winning.

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Has anyone else noticed the recent trend for the Los Angeles Clippers on the road? Despite the fact that their 'official' road uniform is red, the Clippers have worn their road reds just twice in their last nine away games. They've worn their royal blue road alternate uniforms in six of the last nine, and the baby blue, short sleeve pajaniforms for the Sunday game in Oklahoma City.

Why are they doing it? Is it because they bring out Blake Griffin's eyes? Because they asked me and I told them I like the royal blues better? Probably not. But it may have something to do with superstition and the fact that they're winning in the blues.

The Clippers are 7-1 in their last eight road games for which they've worn blue. That's in stark contrast to their record wearing red on the road, where they've won just once in their last six. It's probably not an accident that we haven't seen the reds in over four weeks, since Randy Foye broke the Clippers' hearts with a last second three to send them to defeat in Denver.

So will we see the blues again tomorrow night against the Lakers? Let's hope so. Not only are they the better looking uniform, and not only has the team been enjoying recent success wearing them. More importantly, with the Lakers being one of the teams that eschews white uniforms at home, the combination of blue and yellow is much more pleasing than red and yellow.