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Charles Barkley Says Clippers "Threw Vinny Del Negro Under the Bus", Grant Hill Reacts

At halftime of the Clippers-Lakers game on Thursday, Charles Barkley mentioned that the Clippers threw former head coach Vinny Del Negro under the bus after last season.

Christian Petersen

With the Clippers already up by over 30 and the game a laugher at halftime, the TNT crew resorted to strolling onto the set late, taking selfies, and singing the Clippers' praises.  Barkley called LAC the best team in the west, but he also noted that the team had thrown former head coach Vinny Del Negro "under the bus" after last season.

It was the best regular season in franchise history, but following a disappointing first-round loss the Clippers made the right move and didn't extend Del Negro, instead acquiring championship coach Doc Rivers.

Another member on the TNT Inside the NBA panel is Grant Hill, an accomplished NBA veteran in his first season away from playing following his retirement last summer.  Who did Hill play for last season?  Why, Vinny Del Negro's Clippers, of course!

This was followed by some giggles and then more faces by Hill.  All in all, the cherry on top of a great first half.