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The Daily Clipper – Playoff Edition

If you interested in further readings…Here’s a round-up:

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If you interested in further readings…Here’s a round-up:

Pressure to adjust is on Warriors' Jackson, Curry - SFGate
There are those who feel Mark Jackson has reached a crossroads as he coaches the Warriors in Thursday night's Game 3 against the Clippers. Clippers coach Doc Rivers fired the first shot. Curry appeared unflustered by the double-teams in Game 1, and once the ball was out of his hands, the Warriors flourished with a sequence of beautiful passes inevitably bound for David Lee or Jermaine O'Neal for easy inside buckets. Once the lesser plots have played out, it always comes down to superstars staying in character. A radical alternative would have Steve Blake bringing up the ball - he's a veteran point guard with no fear of playoff pressure - but that wouldn't begin to ease the Clippers' pressure on Curry, and the Warriors can't afford to take Klay Thompson out of the backcourt. There are times when Griffin allows himself to get flustered (here's where the Warriors miss Andrew Bogut) or shows a distinct lack of maturity. In Malone's early years with Utah, the Warriors played some mind games to perfection, took Malone out of his comfort zone and upset the Jazz in a pair of first-round series (1987 and '89). People may say he's a young guy, but he's been special in this league, and his voice carries a lot of weight. -- Just as the NBA office admitted a referee's mistake in Game 1 - Draymond Green should have been assessed a foul on Paul with 19 seconds left and the Warriors leading 107-105 - a similar admission was made regarding Game 1 of the Houston-Portland series. In both cases, TV viewers clearly saw the truth - and the Green-Paul play was actually reviewed, but only to determine who last touched the ball before it went out of bounds. -- As the Jackson-Joe Lacob dynamic falls under constant scrutiny, it's instructive to remember everything Lacob said during a revealing interview with the Bay Area News Group in February.

Clippers notes: Team about to enter lion’s den that is Oracle Arena in Oakland

Clippers coach Doc Rivers has told his players many times this season at some point they will have to win playoff games on the road."And not just one. Several probably," Rivers said

Kawakami: Andre Iguodala needs to step into the spotlight - Inside Bay Area
Golden State Warriors forward Andre Iguodala needs to take on a more aggressive role in Game 3 against the Los Angeles Clippers.

J.J. Redick moves his way past back injury for Clippers
It was Monday morning at Clippers shootaround ahead of their game that night at Staples Center, where they would lay a 40-point smackdown on the Golden State Warriors to even their Western Conference playoff series at 1-1.Guard J.J. Redick was

All isn't what it seems with Warriors - SFGate

Guarantee that during Thursday night's telecast of 2014's first playoff game at Oracle Arena, the TNT announcers will extol the crowd and note that Oracle is the best home environment in the league. Guarantee that we'll also get an overhead shot of the chunk of land in San Francisco that will be the new home of the Warriors. [...] those in parts of the country who only can dream of the type of home-court advantage the Warriors have at Oracle will be completely flummoxed. Every time I hear it or see a Warriors T-shirt pushing it, I'm back in "Mean Girls" mode: "Stop trying to make Splash Brothers happen." The nickname might be a takeoff on the video game "Super Smash Brothers," but it sounds a lot like "Bash Brothers."

Jackson: 'We've got to find a way to be the puncher' | CSN Bay Area

Curry, Warriors can't fall into Clippers' trap - Inside Bay Area

Golden State Warriors coach Mark Jackson said his team needs to make adjustments against Los Angeles Clippers as NBA playoff series heads to Oakland.

Technically speaking, O'Neal and Rivers just competitive - SFGate

Despite all of the pre-series buzz regarding the disdain between the Warriors and Clippers, it was nearly halftime in Game 2 before the first heated moment of the best-of-seven set unfolded. With 4:48 remaining in the second quarter Monday night, Warriors center Jermaine O'Neal and Clippers head coach Doc Rivers started yapping at each other during a stoppage. When they wouldn't end the argument after the ball was set to be put back into play, the officials assessed a double technical. "Yeah, we told each other that we loved each other," said O'Neal, rolling his eyes before Tuesday's practice. Rivers told a media gaggle in Los Angeles that point guard Chris Paul will not do much on his strained right hamstring until Thursday's Game 3.


NBA refs to Curry: You're no superstar | CSN Bay Area

Hatred always finds Clippers' Redick | CSN Bay Area

Warriors must double-team Griffin to slow him down | CSN Bay Area

Warriors must deal with Blake Griffin in NBA playoffs - Inside Bay Area

The Golden State Warriors need to find a way to slow Los Angeles Clippers star Blake Griffin in Game 3 at Oracle Arena.

Blake Griffin, Chris Paul become equals for Clippers

Any distance between Chris Paul and Blake Griffin was made up for by Griffin's ascension.

Clippers Color Analyst's Ballot Gaffe Throws Wrench in NBA MVP and MIP Voting | Bleacher Report

With Most Improved Player candidates like Anthony Davis, Lance Stephenson, Kyle Lowry, Gerald Green, DeAndre Jordan and others—including Phoenix Suns point guard Goran Dragic, ...

Blake Griffin and Clippers rebound, resoundingly, in Game 2 blowout -

Griffin scores 35 as Clippers bounce back from Game 1 loss to rout Warriors 138-98, the most one-sided playoff win in franchise history.

Blake Griffin says staying calm helped Clippers in Game 2 win -

Blake Griffin says the Clippers had a more relaxed attitude entering their series-evening win Monday over the Golden State Warriors.

Who's better: Blake Griffin or Al Jefferson?

Eddie Johnson breaks it all down and tells you where the strengths and weaknesses of each player lies.

How Blake Griffin and Chris Paul Changed Our View of the LA Clippers | Bleacher Report

The Los Angeles Clippers will make you crazy, but that's what you get for choosing to root for them. Until Blake Griffin and Chris Paul donned the red, white and blue, being a Clippers fan was no easy task.