What is worse...Winning or losing games....

Simply stated, The "Clippers" as a brand and as a company stands for Sterling because he is the owner. If you are an employee, coach, player or a fan, there is no way to separate yourself from Sterling if you carry the "Clippers" brand. Even if you are 150% against what Sterling stands for, supporting the brand name "Clippers" in any way makes you an accomplice to what this man is doing.

But you see, you and I have been culprits, one way or another, a long time ago, when we decided to identify ourselves with this brand name even though we know for a fact that this man is racist and what is now being publicized is not new to us. We knew and we still went contrary to what we believe and supported the brand name "Clippers".

Now, the question is, who is more of a hypocrite, Sterling or us?

Sterling in our eyes is a bad guy and he is. He is one of the worst owners not only in the NBA but all of sports. There is no place for Sterling in the NBA and I agree. But, we have closed our eyes to what this man stands for and have chosen to support to brand name "Clippers" not because of him but because of the team that we love. That’s what I did and everybody else who wears that brand. The best thing that we can do now is still stand up for the real Clippers we love and support them.

For the coaches and the players, do your part. You owe it to us who stick our head knowing that one of these days this adversity will come out and work against all of us.

Win! Do it for those who love the team as you love it because you have decided to be part of it. We already have made clear to Sterling that we hated him and want him out.

That’s all we can do for now and leave the rest to those who have authority to do something against this man.

But tomorrow and the next games win!

Let adversity work for us, not against us!


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