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Sterling Banned for Life; Fined 2.5 Million Dollars

NBA Commissioner Adam Silver announced today that Clippers owner Donald Sterling will be banned for life from the NBA and fined 2.5 million dollars.


In a press conference in New York this morning, the NBA's new commissioner, Adam Silver, announced that the NBA's longest tenured owner, Donald Sterling, has been banned for life from the NBA and fined 2.5 million dollars.

The ban includes being disallowed to attend games or practices, be present at Clippers facilities, sit in Board of Governor's meetings, have any role in personnel decisions, or participate in any other NBA functions.

The fine of 2.5 million dollars is the maximum allowed in the NBA's constitution.

Silver also stated that he will "urge the Board of Governors to force Sterling to sell the team".  According to Silver, a 75% vote from the owners would be needed in order to force a sale of the team.  Due to the confidential nature of the NBA's constitution, the media has been left to speculate over the last few days as to the legality of this move.  Silver emphasized, however, that the league has the power to act as he has recommended.

For Clippers players and fans, there may finally be an ending to the debacle and embarrassment of Sterling's tenure as owner.  Silver stated that he expects the vote to force a sale to proceed very quickly.

For Adam Silver, he's made a strong statement in his first real action as commissioner and certainly a tough stance on racism will boost his popularity.