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Los Angeles Clippers over Golden State Warriors, 113-103 - Celebration/Gif/Roll Thread!!

Enjoy tonight Citizens! Steve will be along with a recap!

Kelvin Kuo-USA TODAY Sports
# Recs Commenter Comment Link
8 socal-clip [no title]
6 chargerclipperfan lol
6 Bui Himself Given the way its been going, I'm guessing Flagrant 2 with lifetime ban for Speights.
6 chargerclipperfan [no title]
5 boltsfan21 Woooooooo!!!!!!
5 Bui Himself As well as DJ played, I still think the gameball should go to ADAM MUTHAFUCKIN SILVER
3 Wilpatyo Turning point
3 bestclipfan Up at 3:20 am UK time because I wasn't about to miss this one!
3 chargerclipperfan [no title]
3 agolden [no title]
3 Bui Himself I'm glad we reached the point where we can finally win grind-it-out playoff games. What a journey it has been.
3 SamuraiFoochs I am a new Clippers fan...
3 SchmidttyMcFunstuff with this win and the silver ruling i am calling it... this is the greatest day in clippers history
2 Bui Himself I hope Mark Jackson stubs his toe on a coffee table tonight.
2 bc56274 Greatest non-trade ever:
2 Don Killuminati [no title]
2 agolden [no title]
2 Don Killuminati [no title]
2 agolden LMAO
1 hans007 [no title]
1 Jonee hey, we're America's sweethearts now
1 Spontane 1000+ comments WOW!!!
1 BelgianClipper when he says "for life"
1 SchmidttyMcFunstuff gettng goosebumps and watery eyes from the rebroadcast of silvers presser on tnt...
1 Axxer Man
1 Jonee What did we do to deserve this?
1 Wilpatyo meh
1 Don Killuminati [no title]
1 Bui Himself I really can't get enough of Silver's presser.
1 My dukie twinkles BANG BANG MUTHAFUCKER!!!
1 It'sTheLaw Do like that Barnes D though.
1 Bui Himself Foreskin.
1 SamuraiFoochs #WeAreOne
1 It'sTheLaw Lol Charles
1 Jonee I hope they don't turn it into a marketing thing
1 agolden [no title]
1 Clip1138 Chivas USA has louder crowds!
1 Jonee LAC 4EVA
1 the new Bradfather anyone who likes Reggie
1 Bui Himself [no title]
1 the new Bradfather it matters not, shake it off
1 socal-clip WE ARE ONE
1 Jonee they disintegrated a while ago
1 OrangeClippersFangirl [no title]
1 Bui Himself Great bounceback game for Texas Toast