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Meet John Raffo on Melrose tonight

John Raffo doesn't only write about the Clippers. He will have a Q&A and book signing for his graphic novel The 7th Sword at Golden Apple Comics on Melrose tonight

As many of you know, Clips Nation writer, editor and long time citizen John Raffo has written a graphic novel, The 7th Sword -- can I call it a comic book? I'm not sure what the etiquette is. He will be at Golden Apple Comics on Melrose Ave. tonight at 7 PM along with cover artist Andrew Robinson for a Q & A and book signing. I pretty much look for any reason to get to Melrose, and Raffo almost never emerges from his hermitage in an undisclosed location on the central coast, so I figured I should definitely go there.

If you stop by, you're welcome to discuss Clippers with me, but you should only ask 7th Sword questions during the Q&A. Sure, Raffo could answer something about Donald Sterling's racist past or Draymond Green's impact on the Clippers' first round series, but this is not one of those Q&As. (Although there is a crossover between Samurai Warriors and Golden State Warriors.)