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Lucas Hann on Annenberg Radio News

I'm on the radio again! Tune in to Annenburg Radio news at 4pm (link in the article) to hear my interview.

Tasos Katopodis

Maybe radio is my new thing.  I did my second radio interview of the week today (You can find the audio to my live interview on Monday with Jason Gregor on TSN Edmonton here), speaking with Stephanie Case of USC Annenburg Radio News about new potential owners for the Clippers.

We spoke for about 10 minutes and discussed the main prospective owners, Magic Johnson and the Guggenheim group and the Winfrey, Geffen, and Ellison team.  I also discuss the process of the NBA voting to remove Sterling as well as a potential lawsuit from the banned billionaire.

You can listen to the stream live here.  The show begins at 4pm PST, although I am unsure exactly when my interview will air.  A link to a recording of only my portion of the show will be available later.

Edit: The audio recording of just the segment that I am featured in is available here.