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Steve quoted in the NY Times

Steve was quoted in a NY Times story about the potential buyers for the Clippers.

Andy Lyons

For what it's worth, I have a couple of quotes in today's issue of the New York Times. In an article on the potential buyers for the Clippers in a post Donald Sterling world, I was asked to represent the views of Clipper fans, which I tried to do.

The article was written by Billy Witz and Mary Pilon. In an ironic twist, Pilon interviewed me via phone from New York -- while Billy lives a couple of blocks away from me! (There's a strange vortex of NBA writers here in Long Beach: Billy's kids go to the same school as mine; Lisa Dillman -- who has moved on to her preferred sport of hockey -- lives nearby; Kurt Helin of ProBasketballTalk and Chris Clark late of Silver Screen and Roll and now of LakersNation both play basketball with me. What are the odds?)

It's a very good piece, though I am just a bit of fluff in it. Personally, I want Judd Apatow to buy the Clippers. How cool would that be?