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Clips Come Back Big, Bounce Thunder 101-99

With a furious and incredibly exciting final five minutes, the Clippers, down by sixteen in the fourth quarter, tie the series at two.

Stephen Dunn

Okay, first things first, I didn't see much of the game other than the last few minutes of the fourth quarter. If the NBA is going to schedule a playoff game every two days no matter what, then someone's gonna have to move Mother's Day. I suggest some time in August or September when there's no NBA.

Blake Griffin played through the fourth with five fouls... and for the first time all season, DeAndre Jordan didn't appear at all in the fourth. But, without any rim protection what so ever, Russel Westbrook repeatedly beat the Clips defense to the hoop... he pretty much destroyed Darren Collison. But then again Collison was awesome on offense, with ten in the final quarter and two CLUTCH buckets in the final minute.

Steve will have the real recap later, but put your posts and gifs and stuff here.