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Clippers rallying cry

The series isn't over. If the Clippers are the better team, they can win the final two games and win the series.

Ronald Martinez

Last night, the Clippers were screwed over. Robbed in a manner so perplexing it left everyone completely stunned. Clipper Nation is pissed off! And we're gonna do something about! Right? Actually no. We aren't. Because there is nothing to do.

As it turns out, outrage, no matter how great, cannot get game 5 back. Commissioner David Silver is not going to review the tapes, fire the refs, and award the game to the Clippers. However unfair, What happened happened, and now the Clippers must move on. Down 3 games to two and heading back to Los Angeles, the Oklahoma City Thunder no doubt smell blood in the water. Kevin Durant will be looking for a bounce-back game, and Wussell Restbwook is no doubt feeling pretty good about himself going into game 6. The Clippers need to regroup. Chris Paul needs to take it upon himself to be a leader.

Blake Griffin needs to play pissed off. Jamal Crawford needs to be Jamal Crawford. The Clippers need to defend their home court and push back. Even if they don't win this series, a game 6 victory will say a lot about this team, about this franchise. A deflated fan base and sullen players are not going to have a chance in game 6. But a fiery, defiant, and energized crowd might just rally the Clippers to a victory.

The Clipper showed last night that not only can they compete with MVP Kevin Durant and the OKC Thunder, they might just be the better team. So no more excuses Clippers. As the saying goes, anything can happen in a game 7, and hopefully it will.

Just hopefully with a different officiating crew.