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NBA Landscape 2014

One stop for all the salary and cap information you'll need this off-season.

This summer, I decided to work towards a very ambitious goal.  I wanted to build a spreadsheet database of all the salaries and cap figures in the NBA, and then update it throughout the off-season to maintain the most current, user-friendly portrait of the NBA landscape available.  The NBA Salary Cap is complicated, to say the least, but after extensive research and reading I believe that I have figured it out, and I am hopeful that I can extend this knowledge to readers across SBNation.

Below, you will find a detailed spreadsheet on the cap situation of each team.  Throughout the off-season, it will be updated whenever moves are made.

The majority of my salary and cap hold data comes from, and Mark Deeks' writings (and replies to my tweets) assisted my understanding of several issues regarding cap holds and some aspects of CBA minutiae.  Nearly the entirety of my understanding of the CBA and salary cap comes from Larry Coon's excellent CBA FAQ website, which is a remarkable resource for anyone interested in the NBA's business side.  Additionally, Jason Walker of assisted me with using Google Docs Spreadsheets and embedding the Landscape onto SBNation.  I also consulted with Steve Perrin on certain cap issues.  Thanks to all of them and enjoy!

Since this post is already slightly slow due to the large amount of information in the Landscape, please follow the links below for details on the updates.  The current Landscape is updated through 1:20 Pacific time, 6/23/2014.

Landscape Update 1.1 Details

Landscape Update 1.2 Details