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LeBron goes to Cleveland and free agency goes wild

The first ten days of free agency were quiet as everyone waited to see what LeBron would do. That all changed today.

Angelo Merendino

See, we were thinking that free agency started on July 1, you know, when free agency started. Little did we know that free agency would start 10 days later, on July 11th, when LEBRON JAMES SAYS SO! We had threads up for the first few days when nothing was happening, but today is when we needed one!

Short of LeBron signing with the Los Angeles Clippers, this has probably played out as well as it could have from a selfish, Clipper-centric perspective. LeBron stays in the East. Somewhat surprisingly, Chris Bosh decided to take the max money and stay in the East with the Heat, rather than heading to Houston where he would have made the Rockets into yet another Western Conference super team.

If LeBron can now successfully recruit Kevin Love to Cleveland, then another potential super team in the West is scuttled, since Love was rumored to possibly be on his way to Golden State at one point. It also appears that Carmelo Anthony will stay East, as he will choose between the Bulls or the Knicks.

The Rockets are the big losers so far today, missing out on their big targets. We'll see what Plan B is for them -- and we'll see if they decide to match Dallas' offer sheet for Chandler Parsons.

Anyway, have fun discussing it all. There's plenty to talk about, and no Sterling trial to distract us.