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Clippers vs Heat Preview and Open Thread

The Clippers SL team is back in action against Miami today.

Ronald Martinez

That first game was kinda brutal, and I hardly even watched it.  Now, the Clippers move on to face a less formidable foe, the Miami Heat.

Miami is an interesting team post-LeBron, and they have a completely wide-open roster without flexibility to add a second string.  And, unlike in years past, they won't have the best pull for attracting veterans to come at a discount.  So, they'll probably be turning to some young guys to come off the bench.  Their roster features, among others, NCAA Champion Shabazz Napier (the 24th pick), Justin Hamilton (played 8 games with Miami last season and was one of only 2 players on the roster at the start of the off-season).  Their team also features Tyler Honeycutt, who has played 24 games for the Kings across two seasons, and a ton of players with no experience.

In the Clippers' first game, Lorenzo Brown led the team with 17 points and 8 assists despite shooting only 4-12 from the field.  Amath M'Baye (not to be confused with Aziz N'Diaye), looked good, scoring 14 points on 5-8 shooting, making two threes.

Delonte West had a disappointing opening performance, shooting 2-7 from the field and having 3 turnovers to go with only one assist.  He didn't seem to be putting forth a ton of effort, so maybe a poor showing in game one will push him to do more than just show up tonight.

The game tonight is on at 5:30 pacific time, but it's only available if you've purchased Summer League Live.  Otherwise, you'll have to wait until the middle-of-the-night rerun, or, better yet, just don't watch at all.  The Clippers have been notably bad in the Summer League the last couple of years, and since there's no connection to the real team except for the name, there's not a lot of reason to have interest.