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Clippers Re-Sign Glen "Big Baby" Davis

Brad Turner of the LA Times reported that the Clippers have agreed to bring Davis back on a one-year minimum deal.

Richard Mackson-USA TODAY Sports

Per the LA Times, the Clippers are bringing back Glen Davis.  Davis was the 3rd big for the team after they acquired him mid-season last year, and while he struggled somewhat in that role, he was far more effective than any of Doc Rivers' other options.

This season, with the addition of Spencer Hawes, Davis will be the fourth big, which seems like a better role for him.  Unlike last season, it doesn't seem that Davis will be forced to play center now that the Clippers have two very good 7-footers.  The particularly gruesome lineups featuring Davis at center and Danny Granger or Hedo Turkoglu at power forward are now thankfully in the past.

Davis averaged 11 points and 8 rebounds per 36 minutes in 23 regular season games for the Clippers last season.

Once this move is official, the off-season is all but over.  The Clippers now have their starters and backups at every position, along with their two young reserves, Reggie Bullock and C.J. Wilcox.  Doc Rivers only has enough room under the hard cap for one minimum-salary deal, and, fittingly, the Clippers are required by the NBA to carry at least one more player.

Unless a trade is made, it's clear that the Clippers have one signing left in them before putting the wraps on a solid off-season.  What's unclear is what the team will look for.  They could opt for a 5th big (possibly bringing back Ryan Hollins), look for a 3rd string point guard as injury insurance for Chris Paul and Jordan Farmar, or buy low on a wing player who they think has potential to get minutes at SF, the team's weakest position.