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Minor back injury kept Griffin off Team USA

A small fracture in his back is the reason that Blake Griffin has opted against playing in the World Cup this summer.

Stephen Dunn

It turns out that Blake Griffin may not hate America after all. Griffin declined an invitation to Team USA's camp in advance of the World Cup in Spain which starts in a couple of weeks. Griffin had made the 2012 Olympic team before being injured, and was a lock to make this team. After missing out on international competition before, it seemed strange that Griffin would turn down another chance to represent his country. The reason given at the time was that he wanted to prepare for the Clippers season, but playing competitive basketball is actually a pretty good way to prepare for playing competitive basketball, so it didn't make much sense.

Now it makes sense.

Griffin's injury is apparently minor. According to Ramona Shelburne, it's a small fracture in his back which occurred during the playoffs. He played through it then, and it's been kept a secret for over two months since. It's not as if he's been in traction this summer. But if doctors say he should take more time to let it heal before playing full contact, then that's obviously what he should do.