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How Good of a Deal Was Spencer Hawes?

Spencer Hawes was given a 4-year, $23 million contract. Was that a good value?

Christian Petersen

The Clippers recently used their biggest free agency tool, the mid-level exception, to sign backup big man Spencer Hawes to a four year, $23 million contract.  It seems like a good deal for a backup PF/C who can stretch the floor, but it's hard to evaluate a signing without context: what was the market?  The two other biggest names of free agency, as far as stretch bigs were concerned, also signed today: Channing Frye agreed to a four year, $32 million deal in Orlando, and Josh McRoberts got the four year, $23 million mid-level contract from Miami.

These players, while all considered similar in the stretch big mold, are not carbon copies of one another.  McRoberts is by far the most accomplished playmaker and passer of the trio and Frye has been the most consistent long-range shooter over time.

Here's a comparison of some key numbers (points, rebounds, assists are per36; 3pt made is total):

Player Height Age Contract Points Rebounds Assists 3pt Made (2014) 3pt % (2014) 3pt Made (career) 3pt % (career)
Channing Frye 6'11" 31 4/32 14.2 6.5 1.5 160 37% 614 38.5%
Josh McRoberts 6'10" 27 4/23 10.1 5.7 5.1 105 36.1% 163 34.2%
Spencer Hawes 7' 26 4/23 15.3 9.6 3.5 128 41.6% 241 36.1%

I don't think there's really much debate to be had here.  It seems that, based on the market for these bigs, Hawes was a great get for Doc Rivers and the Clippers relative to the contracts reported for Frye and McRoberts.