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Sterling Trial Sent Back to Probate Court, Underway NOW!

If you're following on twitter, you still have no idea what's going in.

Jayne Kamin-Oncea-US PRESSWIRE

It's been a crazy afternoon in the Sterling v Sterling proceedings, with, as Clips Nation legal analyst TwistNHook told me in an e-mail, "a significant amount of nothing occurring."

Here's what's happened, by my reckoning:

  • The District Judge sent the case back to the probate court
  • Donald Sterling was the first witness called, but he didn't show up for his own hearing!
  • Shelly Sterling's lawyer urged the judge to warrant Donald's arrest for not following his subpoena
  • The lawyers gave really long opening statements
  • The expert witnesses are beginning testimony now
If you're interested in following the proceedings as they occur, @ramonashelburne is the best account.  Ramona has been all over this story for months.  @DanWoikeSports and @ArashMarkazi are also good follows for this purpose.

TwistNHook will likely be around either tonight or tomorrow with a full post about exactly what went down in the courtroom with Judge Levanas today, but for now feel free to follow the story and comment here.