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Let's get ClipCast on KFWB

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The radio home of the Clippers, KFWB, is switching to a sports talk format in the near future. If they want a Clippers show by and for real Clippers fans, it has to be ClipCast.

Jeff Gross

Below you will find a message from Chris Wylde and Mike Jaglin of ClipCast, who are discussing the possibility of taking their Clippers podcast to the airwaves on KFWB when the radio home of the Clippers switches to a sports talk format in the coming months.

For those of you who try to listen to sports talk in LA, you know how badly the city needs a decent Clippers-centric show. Is there anyone who would do a better job than Chris and Mike? They're enthusiastic, they're funny, they've got a following, and they know their stuff. Frankly, it's a no-brainer for KFWB as far as I can tell.

But do they know that? Let's make sure they do. See below for how you can join the social media campaign to put ClipCast on the radio.

Dear ClipsNation,

It's Chris Wylde and Mike Jaglin from ClipCast. For two seasons, you have been the biggest supporters of our podcast. It started just as two guys wanting to give Clipper fans a consistent talk show that wasn't all Laker talk all the time. Over the years, it evolved from two guys around a microphone never uttering the L word into a true Clippers talk show with sound bites and recurring segments. And for us we finally got a true home on ClipsNation with the great Clipper Steve Perrin and his great team. All of our success is thanks to your support and guidance within Clipper Nation.

The radio home of the Clippers, KFWB980AM is going to an all sports talk format soon. ClipCast is now making an effort to get our own Clipper show or sports talk show on their airwaves. We have already reached out to them, and now want to start a social media blitz with the help of Clipper Nation!

If you could, we'd ask that you please tweet @KFWB, use a clever tweet, and use the hashtag #ClipCastOnKFWB. Also feel free to email KFWB at the email below. We know with your support that we can spread the word and get our true Clipper talk on the radio. Let's attack the #ClipCastOnKFWB campaign like a Blake Griffin dunk.

Thank you, citizens of ClipsNation, and let's do this for Larry!

Chris and Mike--ClipCast