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The Daily Clipper — Ballmer not backing down?

New faces, indeed. With a lot more help on The Daily Clipper this season it should definitely make for a fun and informative ride about the news regarding the Clippers and the NBA.

Jeff Gross

With the NBA training camp on the horizon and the start of the regular season soon after, the goal here is to provide news on our Clippers and news from around the NBA. So lets start, shall we?

To kick things off we have a story on how Steve Ballmer likes the story behind the Clippers and how they came to be the successful franchise they are today. Stating how he likes the way they were born and how he thinks that people will understand that the Clippers are "different."

At L.A. Clippers, Steve Ballmer prizes team tested by adversity | Reuters

After Steve Ballmer plunked down $2 billion for the NBA's Los Angeles Clippers, fans might expect the former Microsoft chief executive to be hitting the reset button on a team that has been through a nasty public fight over racism. Don't bet on it. That experience, Ballmer knows, makes his team unique, and it will be part of the story he tells to earn one thing that was not guaranteed by the record price tag: a fan base that will sustain the team for years to come.

With that being said, I'm even more excited to have Ballmer as the head of the Clippers now.

NBA Live 15: Chris Paul rated best point guard in game

Our very own Chris Paul rating in as the "best Point Guard" in the next add-on to NBA Live legacy. I myself do not care for the NBA Live series(2K fan) but I am excited to see a Clipper get some recognition for being what we've been saying all along.

With some more good news about Chris Paul comes with this - Chris Paul celebrates renovation of Salvation Army community center - LA Times

His foundation(The Chris Paul Foundation) and help from the Los Angeles Clippers Foundation, Chris and the Clippers helped to open up a new Media and Technology lounge for kids. A quote from the man himself, Chris Paul:

"It’s all about having an opportunity and it’s one of those things that we as people and as communities, we have to sort of try to make it an even playing field at some point," Paul said, referring to the disadvantaged community that the center serves. "You think about computers and technology and how the world is so technical now, and you just want to make sure the kids have an opportunity to do that."

A recent interview with new Clipper, Chris Douglas-Roberts he states:

"I won’t make every shot I take. I’m not saying I won’t have a mental breakdown. What I am saying is I will be overly prepared so I can be the best player I can be for this team this year. I won’t have any effort lapses. I’ll never be out there not competing or not giving 110%."

That may be my favorite quote out of that interview, just because it's  him being 100% honest. I already love this guy.

Another quote from Chris Douglas-Roberts on his new journey with the Clippers:

Very, very excited man. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity for me to be able to play at the highest level on a championship contender. I totally understand how important this opportunity is so I’m already preparing to do everything I need to do and more, to capitalize on it.

So, I think it's safe to say you can expect some great basketball from this guy. I'm hoping he's able to make this bench deeper than it already is. I'd also like to see Reggie Bullock get some more playing time over him, but we'll see how Doc decides to put it all together.

Not so basketball news, but it's on Steve Ballmer and how he plans to implement Windows instead of Apple(shocker, right?) inside the Clippers organization.

Steve Ballmer is ditching iPads at LA Clippers in favor of Windows | The Verge

Myself and a lot of others I'm sure were expecting some Microsoft-like changes to the Clippers given Ballmers background with Microsoft. He promised to keep the switch for the offseason, probably to not cause any more distractions than the team needs.

Eric Miller (Sterling's son-in-law) voluntarily leaves Clippers; Andy Roeser has also permanently left

"We welcomed Eric back," Ballmer said during an interview at the team's practice facility in Playa Vista. "He's chosen to move on with his life and that's his prerogative."

Almost all threads with Donald have been cut, besides the "legacy" he left behind.

And as for NBA news, the biggest to come was the signing of former-Clipper Eric Bledsoe, signing a new $70 Million deal with the Phoenix Suns. This being the second biggest thing to happen this offseason next to LeBron "going home."

Eric Bledsoe, Phoenix Suns agree to five-year contract - ESPN

Well, that about wraps things up for today. Before I leave you, what are your thoughts on Steve Ballmer' thoughts about the Clippers "adversity" and do you agree with NBA Live' projection about Chris Paul being the best Point Guard in the game? Or any other thoughts on anything in this post.

Have a good one, you guys and until next time.