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The Daily Clipper — Almost-but-not-quite Media Day Edition

The return of Los Angeles Clippers basketball is almost here! Hopefully these juicy links are enough to get you through the last weekend before Media Day.

Jayne Kamin-Oncea-USA TODAY Spor

We'll start today's roundup on a more sobering note. On Monday, Adam Silver promised to review the league's disciplinary policies in light of recent events in the NFL. Fans didn't have to wait too long to see whether or not the NBA would live up to its words — early Thursday, Hornets swingman Jeffery Taylor was arrested at an East Lansing Marriott on charges of domestic assault, assault, and destruction of property, apparently after getting into an altercation with a woman he was dating. The Hornets organization responded Friday evening with the following statement:

"We have informed Jeffery Taylor that effective immediately he will not be participating in any team-related activities while the NBA is investigating his conduct in this matter. As an organization, we understand and appreciate the seriousness of this matter, and will assist the NBA and law enforcement in any way we can until this comes to an acceptable resolution. We have spoken with Jeffery and his representatives and they fully understand our position."

The NBA also issued a statement supporting their decision, as did the NBPA, although executive director Michele Roberts also attached the addendum: "Our expectation is that no disciplinary action should or would be taken by the team or the league going forward, prior to objective deliberation and full consideration of the facts in this matter." As an aside, Roberts' salary is reportedly half of what Billy Hunter made, which hopefully means she will be at least twice as competent.

The NBA is already ahead of the NFL since a domestic violence was specifically included as a provision in the last CBA, although the minimum suspension for the first charge is ten games with mandatory counseling (the equivalent of two NFL games). Howard Beck takes the league to task for not doing enough to this point, especially in the cases of players like Taylor's Charlotte teammate Lance Stephenson. Taylor's first court appearance will be on October 8th, so this is a story to keep an eye on moving forward.

Back to the Clippers, although this is probably not going to cheer you up. The coaching staff forced themselves to watch the film of Game 5 again on Thursday, for the third time this offseason. Several months removed, thinking about it is still just as painful:

Rivers wanted to know why his Clippers didn't foul Oklahoma City before Kevin Durant launched a three-pointer in the final minute that helped the Thunder rally for a series-turning Game 5 victory in the Western Conference semifinals last spring. "How did that happen?" Rivers asked his coaching staff during a viewing of the game earlier this summer. "What didn't we say in the timeout that they didn't hear us?" Assistant coach Armond Hill informed Rivers that he had twice instructed his players to foul during the timeout huddle.

For the uninitiated, here's a primer on that fateful game 5, with a lot more in those comments. Doc's not talking about this three, by the way (which went unnoticed, as opposed to this call). Let's be honest: I don't mind the Warriors (and their new toilet bowl arena) too much, I grudgingly respect the Grizzlies (despite their flip-flop giveaway this season), but the Thunder are the one NBA team that I actively dislike. I'm glad that the Lil B curse has stopped them thus far.

Wait... they're cool now? Kevin Durant doesn't sound very convincing, even though generation-defining icon Lil B confirmed that the curse is off. For what it's worth, he's definitely in Durant's head, curse or no curse. Stay #based, KD.

Anyways, in more relevant Clippers news, the team's beat writers (Ben BolchDan Woike, and Arash Markazi) got together to do a season preview for the team website. They're fairly bullish on the team, with all three predicting either 59 or 60 wins this year. Bolch also believes that Spencer Hawes is the most likely replacement for Jared Dudley on the banners in the Staples Center.

And speaking of Staples Center, it looks like the Clippers will also be using the new LED lighting system the Kings recently debuted. Expect more coverage on that from Clips Nation in the coming weeks.

Several Clippers have been in demand recently for radio appearances. Doc Rivers showed up on the Dan LeBatard show to talk Sterling and his summer, and also stopped by the Beast 980, where he mentioned that Hawes left more money on the table elsewhere to come to Los Angeles. Jamal Crawford showed up to talk ownership and other players with Jim Rome, and Steve Ballmer himself dropped by the Beast to do a little more of his rah-rah act, urging fans to bring their A-game this season. Check out the KFWB website for more Clippers coverage, including interviews with Jordan FarmarRalph Lawler, and more.

Both Ballmer and interim CEO Richard Parsons (bet you forgot that name) also made appearances on CNBC. Ballmer says he expects to own the Clippers as long as he's alive (about 25-30 years — his words, not mine), while Parsons spoke about the NBA's response to recent domestic violence issues, compared to the NFL's. He also praised Steve Ballmer and expected great things from him:

"Ballmer is going to be a very good owner," the former Time Warner chief said in a "Squawk Box" interview. "He brings tons of enthusiasm. And he's going to support the team ... [not] just put financial resources in, he's going to be a superfan... He cares about winning. He cares about the fans and they're going to feel the love."

Trisity Miller of Fully Clips has some interesting nuggets in an older article about Chris Douglas-Roberts potentially starting this season. Per 82games, the Clippers' SF production last year (a cumulative PER of 10.9) was the worst of any team not in Minnesota, while players guarded by CDR at SF only mustered an 8.6 PER. We've also got an in-depth highlight video of CDR from last year in Charlotte, if you want to hype yourself up about his length and ability to finish around the rim.

Let's finish with some quick hits from the Clips and around the league. Kings rookie Eric Moreland really wants to block Blake Griffin, but he's not so confident about taking on DeAndre Jordan... A graphic designer remade NBA jerseys as soccer kits (here are LA's)... Here's one Redditor's take on how Lawrence Frank might influence the team's offense this season... the Indiana Pacers apparently tried to get Danny Granger back this offseason... Lionel Hollins and Joe Johnson used the Nets' Media Day to take a few potshots at Jason Kidd... Manu Ginobili is excited to have a younger coaching voice in new assistant Becky Hammon... a guest over at Nylon Calculus has a neat article about 50/40/90 seasons... and finally, underrated Twitterer Corbin Smith of Biscutball has the definitive guide to Media Day portraits.

That'll be it for links today, stay strong Clippers fans. This might the first time in a while you'll be looking forward to a Monday.